Briton News: Farmers’ protest in London: Demonstration in London against farm laws, many arrested – Demonstration in London against Indian farm laws, many arrested

Scotland Yard police arrested several people during a demonstration in support of farmers rallying against three new farm laws in India outside the Indian High Commission in central Britain, London, on Sunday. Scotland Yard warned outside the Indian High Commission before protesters gathered from different parts of Britain.

In central London, “We stand with the Punjab farmers” to control the protest, many police took to the streets and warned that strict rules are in place to prevent the spread of the corona virus and if more than 30 people gather Arrests can be made and fines can be imposed. Metropolitan Police Commander Paul Brogden said: “If you assemble more than the prescribed 30 people and break the rules, you are committing a crime which is punishable and a fine will be imposed.”

The Khalistani flag waved in London to support the peasant movement

He also called on people not to join the protest. The protest was mainly made up of British Sikhs holding signs with messages like “Justice for Farmers”. A spokesperson for the Indian High Commission said it soon became clear that the anti-Indian separatists were led by the people, who were running their own anti-India agenda in the name of supporting the farmer protests in India. He said the protest was an internal Indian matter and the Indian government was talking to the protesters.

British lawmakers opposed the Farmers Act
Two days ago, 36 UK MPs wrote a letter to the UK Foreign Secretary opposing India’s Farmers Act. In addition to Labor Party MPs of Punjabi descent, many MPs of Pakistani and British descent were also involved. He called on the British government to register a protest against these three peasant laws in front of India. However, there has been no official response to this letter from the UK government.

Protests continue in many countries
There are frequent demonstrations in Britain, the United States and Canada to protest against India’s peasant laws. After that, the Indian embassies also raised concerns about the security of their mission. Security at the Indian Embassy was beefed up by London police on Sunday at the request of the Indian Foreign Office. An additional Scotland Yard squad is deployed here.

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