Brittany coronavirus: new strain of coronavirus hits Britain on high Covid alert: high alert for new corona virus outbreak in UK

With the rapid increase in corona virus cases in Britain, the government is being forced to take drastic measures one after another. The toughest lockdown has been imposed in the country so far and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has canceled his visit to India due to the gravity of the situation. The new, more contagious strain of the corona virus has taken the situation out of control. The infection spread so quickly after mutations that 57,000 new cases were reported on Monday.

Situation worse than before

The country’s government had previously warned people about the new virus, which is 70% more infectious than the old strain. However, aside from that, the recent holidays and festivals are also believed to be a major reason for the increase in cases. Meanwhile, people have to pay a huge price for the relaxation given to travel and relaxation in social distancing. The disaster described as the “third wave” disrupted the hospital system. Even PM Johnson has reported that more pressure is now on hospitals than in the initial phase of the outbreak.

Highest Covid Alert

With the increase in the number of deaths, the month of December also saw an increase. On December 30, there were 982 deaths in the country, the highest since April. However, the death rate was lower than in the first wave. It is believed that the result is early detection. However, for the first time since the start of the pandemic, the threat level has been declared level 5, the highest of the Kovid alert system put in place in May of last year.

The vaccine is administered

Vaccination work has started in Britain. As of January 1, the first dose of Pfizer Corona vaccine had been given to 1 million people in the country. It was decided to give a second dose at an interval of three months to give a dose to the maximum number of people. In addition to Pfizer, work has been initiated in the country to provide the vaccine against the Corona virus from Oxford-AstraZeneca.

PM forced locking

Prime Minister Johnson, who canceled the India tour due to the dire situation in the country, imposed a new home lockdown in mid-February and called on people to stay home. Schools, colleges and universities will be accessible online from Tuesday. With the announcement of the lockdown, people will almost stop leaving their homes. Only people with the necessary work will be able to leave it.

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