brittany news: people recovering from corona may be infected again this month, getting neutralized antibodies – covid-19 antibodies decline rapidly in human body, long term immunity is questioned with new research

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The human body cannot protect itself from infection for a long time. Corona antibodies are cleared from the body of a patient who is recovering from an infection in 6 to 12 months.
People recovering from the corona virus could once again fall prey to this global pandemic. British researchers have claimed that the antibodies protecting the person infected with the corona virus from infection decrease rapidly. For this reason, the wait for long-term immunity to Kovid-19 infection comes to an end. Previously, it was believed that people who have been cured of corona have a low risk of recurrence.

Antibodies rapidly decreasing over time
A study from Imperial College London looked at more than 3.65,000 people in England. The study found that the protective antibodies to the corona virus responsible for Kovid-19 decrease over time, indicating that immunity may persist for only a few months.

Risk of infection again after 6 to 12 months
Professor Wendy Barclay, who was among the researchers who conducted the study, said the corona virus, which infects people every winter, can re-infect people after six to 12 months. He said that we suspect that the body reacts in the same way when it is infected with the virus responsible for the Kovid-19 infection.

Scientists said that the “ effective ” age of blood plasma, antibodies become inactive nowadays

Impact on older people intensifies
Director Paul Elliott of Imperial College London said our studies show that over time there has been a decrease in the number of people who have antibodies. The study noted that cases of low-end people were higher among those 75 and older than among young people.

Discovery of the effective age of the blood plasma
Scientists recently discovered the effective age of blood plasma extracted from the bodies of people who have been cured of a corona infection. The research team from Hema-Quebec, a blood donation center in Quebec, Canada, claimed that the effective age of blood plasma extracted from the blood of people who have been cured of the infection is only 3 months. If a dose is given to an infected person after that, there will be no effect. The researchers extracted plasma from a group of patients who had recovered from the crown. After which, he found out that after 3 months, he was bloodless in the antibodies.

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