Buddhist monk cuts his head: a Buddhist monk cuts his head to reincarnate as a higher spiritual being in the next life: a Buddhist monk beheaded Buddha to become a great religious person in rebirth

In Thailand, a Buddhist monk cut off his head with a sword and offered it to Buddha Mahatma. This monk began to feel that he would be reborn as a high level spiritual person through rebirth. The deceased monk has been identified as 68-year-old Thammakorn Wangprecha. Local people said this monk had been planning a strange ritual of renunciation for more than five years.

The whole plan was written on marble
Police said the monk’s death was reported on April 15 at Wat Phu Hin temple in Nong Bua Lamphu province in northeast Thailand. The deceased monk’s nephew, Boonchard Boonrode, discovered the corpse and said his uncle had also written all of his plans on a marble slab. He said that Thammakorn Wangprecha wrote on the marble that cutting off your head is the way to please the Buddha.

Were planning for five years
Thamkorn Wangprecha believed that offering to the deity would bring him luck in life. This belief is known as Making Marits in Buddhism. This Buddhist monk had been planning it for five years. The nephew said he wanted to offer his head and soul for the Lord to help him be reborn as a higher spiritual being in the next life.

Sacrifice right in front of the Buddha statue
This monk cut off his head with a sharp sword right in front of the Buddha statue. This sword was placed in such a place that the severed neck fell directly to the feet of the Buddha. This monk, who served in this temple for 11 years, had never said anything about this sword to his fellow priests. They used to say that I will leave the nun, but that I will not say anything about the sword.

Police sent corpse for autopsy
After receiving the information about the death, the police took possession of the monk’s body and sent it for autopsy. The police wanted to know the real cause of death before handing the body over to the family. After the monk’s death, more than 300 local devotees reached the temple to perform the last rites of his body. The monk’s body was placed in a coffin, while his head was placed in a jar in front of his disciples and members of his family.

The government tries to convince the inhabitants
The Thai National Office of Buddhism has asked the local government to convince people in the area. The office said religion cannot be encouraged by such work. Buddhists believe that doing good deeds is a way of praising Lord Buddha, which leads them to good deeds that make them believe that they will have a next life.

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