burial of karima baloch: karima baloch: the pakistani government is afraid of the body of the baloch worker, the last cremation in the shadow of the guns

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The Imran government was also afraid of the corpse of Karima Baloch, a very popular Baluch leader after her death.
After the death of Pakistani government nuclear-armed Imran Khan, the body of Karima Baloch, Baloch’s most popular leader, was also scared. The Imran Khan government shut down the field service and deployed heavily armed paramilitary personnel everywhere. Not only that, he prevented the family members and residents of Karima Baloch from leaving. Karima Baloch has been replaced by heavy security measures.

Previously, as soon as Karima Baloch’s body reached Pakistan, security forces took her into her possession at the airport and took her to an unknown location. Karima Baloch’s brother Mehrab said all of our Trump town was in the hands of Pakistani security forces. The family has also been taken hostage. The cell phone has been turned off. Not only that, Pakistani security forces did not allow Karima Baloch’s family to see the corpse. Security forces blocked the road, leaving no one behind.

Murder of Karima Baloch, charges against the ISI
Mehrab said that when the sister was alive, we were afraid that the Pakistani army would kidnap her, but it was not known that the army could also kidnap the body. Please say that Karima Baloch was killed in December of last year. The Pakistani intelligence agency has been charged with the murder. Karima’s body was brought to Pakistan for burial. After the body landed at the airport, it was captured by the military before heading to Balochistan.

According to social activist Nabi Baksh Baloch, Karima Baloch was in danger of death in Pakistan and had sought political asylum in Canada in 2015. While living in Canada, she fought for the people of Balochistan. Nabi Baksh Baloch said: “Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was continually sending them threatening messages in Canada. They threatened to harm him and his family. His family was targeted in Pakistan. His relatives were arrested, tortured in detention and illegally hanged.

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