Burma Twitter ban: Myanmar Twitter Instagram banned after coup: Myanmar Twitter Instagram ban

Myanmar military officials began to expand the scope of the social media ban after the coup earlier this week. By virtue of this, the use of Twitter and Instagram has also been banned. Meanwhile, in the country’s largest city, Yangon, people protested the military coup by playing utensils and plastic bottles.

The military government on Friday ordered communications operators and internet service providers to ban the use of Twitter and Instagram, in addition to banning Facebook and other apps. A statement said that some people are using these two platforms to spread false information.

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Question about necessary instructions
“Netblocks,” which monitors disrupted and closed social media platforms, confirmed that Twitter services have been out of action for 10 p.m. Instagram has already been banned. Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor, operating in Myanmar, said it had complied with the order, but also questioned the “need for guidance”.

Keep an eye on Facebook
Government media in Myanmar and Facebook, which has become the main source of news and information in the country, are under close scrutiny. Facebook has also been used to organize protests. The same week, the Burmese army arrested several top leaders, including the country’s President Aung San Suu Kyi, in a coup. The army has promised to hold elections soon

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