Burmese Army Latest News: Burmese Junta Leader Promises Democracy In Army Day Parade: Burmese Army Celebrates Armed Forces Day Amid Protests

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Burmese army celebrates Armed Forces Day amid violent protests: junta leader urged not to bow down to protesters
The head of the military junta in Myanmar justified the overthrow of the military coup on Saturday by overthrowing the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi on the occasion of Armed Forces Day. He also participated in the Armed Forces Day program amid protests across the country. Myanmar Army Chief General Min Aung Hling made no direct reference to the nationwide protests against the coup during his speech.

Warned not to be repressed by protests
He spoke about terrorism that could undermine the state’s peace and social security in a speech to thousands of soldiers on the parade ground in the country’s capital, Nepita, during the Forces Day program. armies. In the meantime, the junta leader has made it clear that SENA will not tolerate protests at any cost.

Protests continue across the country
Meanwhile, protesters in Myanmar once again staged protests on a public holiday to protest the February 1 coup. In many places, security forces used force to disperse the crowds. According to reports on social media, several protesters were shot dead on Saturday morning, killing them, but the report was not immediately confirmed.

328 people have died so far
The Association of Assistants for Political Prisoners, which collects data on deaths and arrests in Myanmar, said the confirmed number of protesters killed after the coup in Myanmar rose to 328. He said that this was only a confirmed number of cases and the actual death toll could be much higher.

Army claims – will conduct fair elections in country
Hling reiterated in a televised speech that Suu Kyi’s elected government failed to investigate irregularities in previous elections. He reaffirmed that his government will conduct free and fair elections and then transfer power. He did not specify in this regard.

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