Burmese army supporters carry banners and flags at rally in Yangon: popular demonstration in support of the army in Myanmar

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Thousands of people take to the streets in support of the Myanmar military, protesters attacked people opposed to the coup
Some people from a faction supporting the military regime in Myanmar attacked people opposed to a military coup in the country on Thursday, injuring several people. Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are calling on the Myanmar military to relax to ease tensions. The regional bloc of ten countries believes that negotiating with military officers is a more effective way to reach consensus than confrontation.

The attackers and the injured can be seen in photos posted on social media, as police stand in mute onlookers. In a video that is becoming increasingly viral, a person is stabbed outside an office at the intersection of a road known as Sule Pagoda. Nothing is known about the condition of the injured at present.

This incident occurred when hundreds of people rallied in support of a military coup. They had put up banners saying that we were supporting our defense services, “we are with the Council of the State”. The State Administrative Council is the official name of the military government. The military overthrew the government on February 1 and took over the government.

Facebook banned all accounts linked to the Burmese army
Social media company Facebook on February 1 banned all military-related accounts and corporate ads in its possession due to the military occupation of power in Myanmar. Facebook said in a statement that it viewed the post-coup situation in Myanmar as an emergency and that the ban was imposed in the wake of events following the coup, including deadly violence. .

Army-related TV channels have already been banned
Since the coup on Facebook, several military-related accounts have already been banned, including the military-controlled Mayawadi TV and the state-owned MRTV channel. Instagram owned by Facebook also imposed this ban. Facebook and other social media forums came under heavy criticism in 2017. Human rights groups of the time alleged that they had failed to take adequate action to combat it. incriminating documents against Rohingya Muslim minorities in Myanmar. The junta tried to disrupt Facebook and other social media platforms, but their efforts were ineffective.

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