Burmese protesters killed: Protests in Myanmar: Most violent action by security forces in Myanmar to date, 91 dead in one day – violent action by security forces against protesters in Myanmar claims 91 people

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So far, 328 people have been killed in the action of Myanmar security forces, the violent action on the same day, 91 protesters have died
The brutality of the military government has continued unabated since the military coup in Myanmar last month. Even on Saturday, 91 people were killed at the hands of security forces in the biggest violent crackdown on protesters. The horrors of the situation were revealed by the information given in the Myanmar media. According to information from the Myanmar Now website, on Saturday evening the number of people who died under the action of the security forces rose to 91. Earlier on March 14, 74 to 90 protesters were killed in the action of the security forces. security.

According to the death toll released by a watchdog in Yangon, 89 people were killed in the evening during protests in more than 20 cities. Demonstrations have taken place across the country since the military coup in Myanmar. The demonstrators demand the reinstatement of the elected government.

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Even the children were not spared
Previously, the highest number of deaths in a single day would have been on March 14, when the death toll is estimated to be between 74 and 90. These killings have been widely condemned internationally and several diplomatic missions in Myanmar have issued statements. statements referring to the killing of civilians, including children, on Saturday. The EU delegation to Myanmar said on Twitter: “The 76th Myanmar Armed Forces Day will be remembered as a day of terror and disrespect. The killing of unarmed civilians, including children, is a defenseless act ”.

328 killed to date
The administration is using more power to face protests against the removal of Aan San Suu Kyi’s elected government in a February 1 coup, and the death toll in Myanmar is also rising. The Association of Political Prisoners confirmed 328 dead in the coup after the coup until Saturday.

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The army celebrated Armed Forces Day
At the same time, the Burmese military celebrated the annual Armed Forces Day holiday with a parade in the country’s capital on Saturday. Junta leader Major General Min Aung Hailing did not directly mention the nationwide protests against the coup, but in a speech to thousands of soldiers on the parade ground in the country’s capital Nepita , “ terrorism which could harm peace and society and state security, ” and called it unacceptable.

This year’s program is seen as provoking violence, with protesters warning they will be doubly opposed to the coup and stage large protests. Protesters celebrated the holiday under its original name “Day of Resistance,” the start of a revolt against Japanese occupation during World War II.

Lessons learned from people, real warning?
The MRTV government made an announcement on Friday evening and asked young people leading the protests to learn from those killed in protests about the risk of being shot in the head or in the back. During these demonstrations, the maximum number of victims of the security forces became the first young person of the demonstration.

This warning is widely threatened because most of the protesters were shot in the head, indicating that they were targeted. The announcement indicated that some young people considered the performances to be sports and asked their parents and friends to tell them not to attend.

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