Burning hospital open heart surgery: Doctors in Russia complete open heart surgery amid flames Viral video from burning hospital in Blagoveshchensk: Doctors complete patient open heart surgery despite fire hospital in Russia, video goes viral

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Doctors perform open-heart surgery despite hospital fire in Russia: huge fire broke out on the upper floor of the hospital, death could be caused by displacement or departure of the patient
In Russia, the doctors called God on earth showed such passion for the work that the whole world praises. In fact, a sudden fire broke out on the upper floor of a hospital in the city of Blagoveshchensk, located in the far east of the capital Moscow. Meanwhile, a team of doctors underwent open horticultural surgery on a patient. Despite the fire, medics completed the operation although they escaped safely, as if the patient had been left at that time or attempted to move elsewhere, he could have died.

Patient’s open heart surgery completed in the middle of a fire
Russia’s emergency ministry said a team of eight doctors and nurses completed the operation within the first two hours of hard work to transport the patient to a safe place. Doctors had every chance to leave the patient there to save their life, but they set the example of humanity, not only saved the patient’s life, but also made the operation successful.

The fire could be found after two hours
After two hours of hard work by the firefighters, the fierce fire on the upper floor of the hospital was overcome. In a video that goes viral, the fire is clearly seen coming out of the upper floor of the hospital. At first glance, no one would be afraid to see this fire, but firefighters bravely prevented this fire from spreading to other areas of the hospital.

The doctor said – could not leave the patient
Surgeon Valentin Filatov, who operated on the patient, told REN TV that there was nothing we could do, that we had to save the patient’s life at all costs. We did everything to our full potential. He said it was heart surgery, the patient couldn’t be left. The Russian Emergency Ministry reported that 128 people were immediately evacuated from the hospital due to a rooftop fire.

The hospital was built 100 years ago
This hospital was built 100 years ago in 1907. The fire immediately engulfed the wooden roof. However, no one was injured during this time. Firefighters arrived immediately after being notified of the fire and began their work. Local regional governor Vasily Orlov also congratulated the firefighters and doctors.

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