Burqa ban: Switzerland Burqa ban Latest updates: People vote in referendum preparations to ban the burqa in Switzerland

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Switzerland holds referendum on burqa ban In an exit poll, 51% of people voted in favor of the burqa and mask ban.
Following in the footsteps of many European countries, Switzerland has also prepared a ban on burqas and niqabs. A national referendum was held on Sunday. In which people were asked whether the mask should be banned in public places or not? Now, such signs are found in the polls coming out of polls that about 51% of people voted in favor of banning the burqa and the mask.

30% of women wear a mask
Earlier this year, the University of Lucerne claimed in an investigation that no woman in Switzerland wears burqas. While 30% are women who cover their face with a mask when going to public places. This reference is opposed to the Muslim community living in Switzerland.

Opinion sought from citizens by referendum
Months ago, the Swiss government proposed that no one cover themselves publicly, or in areas where services are equally accessible to all. Since then, this proposal has been rejected by many organizations. Seeing no way, the government had sought the opinion of the people by referring to it. Which was voted on Sunday.

So many Muslim population in Switzerland
The Muslim community represents 5.2% of the Swiss population of 86 million inhabitants. Most of the Muslims living in this country are from Bosnia, Turkey and Kosovo. Women from Muslim families residing in these countries wear masks and burqas. The mask covers half of the face, while the burqa covers the entire body.

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Who is in favor of Burka Bain?
The proposal to ban the burka in Switzerland was raised by an organization called Egerkinger Komte. The organization includes politicians from the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP). These leaders strongly oppose the infiltration of Islam into Swiss politics. The main argument of the party is that the independents show their faces. They believe that the burqa and the nikah are not common clothing because they are said to be a symbol of fair gender discrimination and oppression.

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There is already a ban in these countries
Many countries in Europe have a partial or total ban on the burqa. This includes the Netherlands, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Recently, Germany, France and Denmark have announced the imposition of many other sanctions due to fundamentalism.

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