Bushra Bibi Coronavirus News: Bushra Bibi, wife of Imran Khan, found positive coronavirus: Begum Bushra Bibi Corona of Imran Khan positive

After the news of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan infected with the corona virus, now his Begum Bushra Bibi has also been found positive. On health issues, the Pakistani Prime Minister’s special assistant, Faisal Sultan, said Imran Khan had isolated himself. Imran Khan had just launched the Chinese vaccine against the Corona virus on Thursday. Even after applying the vaccine, Imran Khan was infected with the corona virus.

Imran Khan is still at home and the doctor is monitoring his health. It is said that on the day Imran Khan applied the vaccine against the Corona virus, the symptoms of this epidemic were observed in him. Even after that, instead of remaining isolated, he had the corona vaccine applied. Frightened by the accelerated pace of the Corona virus in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan administered the first dose of Corona vaccine on Thursday.

Imran Khan: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan became Corona positive even after applying Chinese vaccine
Meanwhile, Pakistan received the highest number of 3,876 new cases of corona virus infection in a single day on Saturday this year, with the country’s infection rate reaching 9.4%. The health ministry said 6,23,135 people have been found infected with the virus so far in the country. The death toll rose to 13,799 after 40 patients died in the past 24 hours.

The ministry said a total of 5.79,760 people in the country have recovered from the infection so far. 2,122 patients are in critical condition.

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