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The mystery of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Begum Bushra Bibi is once again relevant. Bushra Bibi, who headed the Pakistani government at her request, visited the hideout near Hazrat Daat Ganj Baksh’s dargah in Lahore on Monday. Meanwhile, he said that this refuge at home from Lahore makes me happy. Bushra Bibi tasted the food prepared in the stash herself and examined its quality. The First Lady of Pakistan heard the grievances of the people and assured them to resolve them quickly. Meanwhile, in response to a question, Bushra Bibi also shared the secrets of Imran Khan’s “success” with the world. Imran Khan’s third Begum calls herself a “spiritual healer” and also performs black magic. Let’s know the whole problem …

Bushra Bibi says: ‘Secret’ of Imran Khan’s success

Bushra Bibi has revealed the secrets of Imran Khan’s success to the media. Asked about his contribution to Imran Khan’s achievements, Bushra Bibi said: “Every successful person has his wife’s hand behind their success. Is it good ? is not it? Again?’ Bushra Bibi was accompanied by her friend Farah Khan on this tour. Farah has applied for the Punjab Senate for the women’s seat. According to Pakistani media, Farhat Shehzadi aka Farah Khan is the wife of former District Council Chairman Ehsan Iqbal Jamil and PML-N MPA Chaudhary Iqbal’s daughter-in-law. Farhat is one of the few special people to join PM Imran and Nikah de Bushra. Imran Khan is in controversy after receiving a ticket for Farah. Imran Khan, who vowed to stay away from nepotism ahead of the election, now faces accusations of favoritism.

Bushra’s dominance in Imran’s party achieved ‘godmother’ status

There is a buzz in the Pakistani media that Bushra has created his own faction within the PTI. Many of his supporters remain loyal to him. It is also said of Imran that he advances Bushra on the tone of protest within the party or resentment of women. For this reason, he received the status of “godmother”. It is even said that party members have more loyalty to Bushra than to the party. Interestingly, Bushra is said to be a “black magician”. She describes herself as a mystical and spiritual healer. He is said to be angry that Bushra transferred 20 Pakistani officers only because he was slow to open the door for them. He once gave a clarification when he was in the curtain. Bushra said: “There can be no modernity just because of the curtain. I’m still on screen and there’s no pressure on me for that. It is my own way of dealing with Allah. ‘

Imran does no work without telling Bushra

Previously, Imran Khan had made several revelations in the past about his relationship with his mysterious Bibi. Imran Khan said his wife was very smart. Imran said he was discussing all government issues with his wife. Imran Khan’s statement comes at a time when Bushra Bibi faces allegations of leading the government behind the scenes. In an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, Imran Khan said: “I discuss every problem with my wife. It also includes the problems I face when running government and dealing with complex situations ”. The Pakistani prime minister said he was just a jerk who did not tell his wife about all the issues. Opposition parties in the country have also criticized Bushra Bibi’s interference in the functioning of the government.

“My life will not be easy without Bushra Bibi”

Imran Khan said: “Bushra Bibi is my partner. She is my soul mate. Without them my life will not be easy. Imran Khan gave his wife Bushra Bibi full credit for the good leadership of his government. Throughout the interview, Imran Khan praised Bushra Bibi’s intelligence on several occasions. Earlier, Bushra Begum said in an interview that Pakistan is happy to have found a leader like Imran Khan. She also said that she spends even more time memorizing Allah and reading religious books. Let me tell you that some time ago an audio of women MPs from Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party Uzma Kardar went viral on social media. It is claimed that Uzma, in a conversation with a journalist friend, blamed Imran Khan’s third wife Bushra Bibi and the Pakistani military. The person who recorded the conversation later went viral.

‘Bushra reads face, talk to Jinne’

Uzma said in this regard that Prime Minister Imran’s wife Bushra Bibi runs Pakistan and cannot do any work without asking his wife. Bushra Bibi reads Imran Khan’s face. Bushra is a woman who talks to the jinn and they come to know how the day of Imran went. During this conversation, Uzma is overheard that Imran is being led by Bushra. Bushra has drawn a line through the house, no one can beat him. We used to go comfortably to Imran’s house, but leave the rest after Bushra arrives, even Shah Mahmud Qureshi cannot enter. During this conversation, Uzma also spoke a lot about the Pakistani army. He claimed that there was total military interference in the work of the government and what is wrong. This has always happened in Pakistan. No government can function without an army here. Let us know that in this conversation he addressed the military under the name of Establishment.

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