Business agility, the key to digital transformation in today’s business world

Business agility, the key to digital transformation in today’s business world

Business Agility Corporation (BAC), an association made up of professionals from different business sectors belonging to the country’s leading companies, with the aim of successfully adapting to the new forms of work required by digital business models, announces its next Congress annual, sponsored by UST Global, under the slogan “Overcoming Challenges with Business Agility”. On November 24, 25 and 26, it will hold its IV Virtual Meeting where leading experts in the field can be brought together to provide the latest news of the transformations undertaken by companies from different sectors and from the point of view of different areas of the Domain of business agility.

To exist in today’s market, companies must detect and adapt to change faster than it happens. For this reason, this year, the BAC2020 Congress will deal with such essential subjects as the experience of digital transformation in large organizations today, success stories in national and international organizations, the vision of the steering committee belonging to to the main Spanish multinationals, or how companies are adapting to the challenges of Covid-19.

According to Adolfo Menndez, President of BAC, “Each time we understand better the concept of Business Agility and, as a derivative of it, the meaning and importance of an Agile organization. But do we really know how to get there? How to transform our organizations? New ways of working and emerging technologies provide organizations with new skills and capabilities that are essential to achieve this transformation, improving integration, communication and collaboration among the people who shape them. “For this reason, the next # CongresoBAC2020 will highlight this reality by the hand of speakers who share the knowledge of professionals and for the professionals who constitute the soul of BAC.

This year, the main theme will be dedicated to the analysis of the different perspectives within sectors of the business world such as banking, public administration, insurance, energy or telecommunications, in addition to placing an emphasis particularly on talents and people as the basis for the digital transformation of companies and organizations. The agenda also includes the presentation of BAC’s vision on the figure of the Product Owner, one of the key roles in product development teams, and how he can be “ranked” for better performance evolution. as well as the developer’s vision.

Adapt to new times

For Carolina Bouvard, vice-president of BAC, “the world is changing and companies evolve with it. This year has shown us more than ever that flexibility and the ability to constantly adapt to customer needs are the essential levers for business transformation. And that people and company culture are the key to success. At LAC, we are celebrating our first 5 years of life and the # CongresoBAC2020 will be the celebration that by sharing our experience of business agility between professionals, we are building a community that grows and brings the best to our organizations. “

The Congress will include Luis Uguina, CDO of Macquarie Bank, Australia; Elena Extremera, Director of People and Organization at Repsol; Adolfo Ramrez, author of the book “Digitize or disappear”; Dante Cacciatore, Director of Culture, Talents and Internal Communication at Telefnica Espaa, as well as with various experts from BBVA, Club CDO or Instituto de Empresa, among others. All of them will highlight the role of business agility within their organizations with user cases and different success stories.

In addition, as Isaas Reina, member of the BAC board of directors, points out, “this year’s Congress is special because to the challenges that professionals face each year, we had to add the challenge of flexibility that the Covid-19 represented for us. . Adapting to change, motivating teams and achieving results are always the objectives that we set ourselves in the organization of our regular work. But 2020 has put on the table a scenario that we have only been able to overcome thanks to the application of the knowledge and experience in Business Agility that we have been able to develop in previous years ”.

And it is that “the agility of companies has been able to demonstrate one more year, and especially in this environment, which is an integral part of organizations, job prospects and human teams”. This is how Fernando Ortego, also a member of the management committee, declares that “the development of products and services in short cycles, the constitution of multidisciplinary teams and co-responsible for all the tasks carried out, demonstrate that companies and public bodies who realize the commitment because of their flexibility and their adaptation to the environment, they are the ones who obtain the best results ”.

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