Business creation, a viral phenomenon during a pandemic

The world of training has gone through different stages in the educational and corporate spheres, with an uneven end result, because although we assume that academic training is essential for years, as we move to the next level it seems that the professional stage involves learning by modeling and in case of sudden need; which sometimes ends up becoming an accomplishment, a fulfillment and a lie, since training is like life, the real value is that it goes through one, not just through him.

The reality is that in schools, training centers and universities, the future of talent is developing both at the operational, tactical and managerial level; It is essential, without a doubt, now our invitation is that the learning be continuous.

Companies have recently understood and verified that the professional development of their employees is essential, in order to constantly improve at all levels: professional, collective and individual.

Work from skills, with the help of technology and the integration of all this in a collaborative way, as a team, enhances the result and capitalizes on the knowledge of the company; in short, it makes us better and stronger.

The very special situation we have been living in for the past year has helped us to realize that it is time to practice, because learning new concepts, methodologies, combining ideas and knowledge, analyzing new ways of solving situations, helps us to get out of autopilot, from the known environment in which our brain performs analog neural circuits day after day and adapts successfully to situations that may arise.

Ramn y Cajal, discoverer of the role of the neuron, already indicated that “any human being, if he proposes it, can be a sculptor of his own brain”. Training has a decisive impact on this, awakening and deploying the extraordinary resources we have “as standard”.

Currently we live in an uncertain, changing and unstable environment and before that we tend to feel uncomfortable and lost. Through training, we can work on the next step, instead of retreating into our surroundings and known responses.

If we keep the illusion, if we persist and try new ways, we focus on the solution, and therefore on the opportunity. The reality is that when we face the abyss, we activate intelligence, creativity and we show ourselves what we are capable of, without limits.

With this new paradigm, everything that happens is a great learning, a gift, just like the training courses, because they are a gift that we take with us forever.

We live in realities in which the most is that a collaborator is able to think differently, to bring solutions, to take a step forward, to overcome and to overcome the difficulties which may arise; without underestimating their knowledge, their techniques and their concrete experience. And all of this can be worked on, modeled and achieved through specific training programs and actions.

Every business is unique, as are its specific employees, needs and goals. At Triangle Formacin In Company they are sensitive to each reality, it is for this reason that we immerse ourselves in the essence of the project, assume it as our own and design proposals tailored to specific needs, applying neuroscience and both from the skills dimension, as well. like that of technology and in all modalities: face-to-face, now more oriented towards virtual, e-learning and hybrids.

As they say, “we believe in consulting and training as an element of transformation, we research, develop programs and methodologies, we keep abreast of what is our passion: to collaborate with our client to transform a goal into reality.”

From the unit, they work on training projects that develop and enhance these differences in attitudes and skills among our clients. Through impact programs according to different modalities, and with a particular emphasis on the roles of middle managers, managers, as well as the arrowhead, they propose to transform the way of seeing, doing and doing internally. , in order to improve performance and results. .

Technology is always on our side, so we work, for example, in agile methodologies programs, or project management without neglecting the skills assigned to each phase, to achieve the expected result, improve it and even exceed it.

As pleasure and pleasure are part of learning, we integrate elements of gamification, through which virtual rewards (badges, medals, rewards) can be obtained, we develop specific products, such as virtual escape rooms, virtualized business environments (360) to be able to travel, learn, share and grow thanks to the company’s virtual installations, etc. In short, to improve and impact on performance improvement and critically, on attitude, because beyond physical form, it is attitude that determines your altitude.

Based on an eminently practical methodology, with concrete action plans and incentives adapted to each client, our greatest satisfaction is to collaborate in the real transfer to each role of new forms of productive work, in which training is a part. of the work culture. learning and constant improvement of the business, instead of assuming an interruption in our tangle of “doing”, to be able to think, learn and think outside the box.

We are in uniformly accelerated movements and reality constantly demands of us new models for changing times.

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