Business in a pandemic: learning to be an entrepreneur

In recent months, various questions have arisen related to the consequences that the health crisis has brought about, many of them have allowed us to wonder about how we have managed our time for so many years, but they have also given the opportunity to recognize great opportunities. learning that exists at home. It’s no secret that thousands of people have taken advantage of these months to take courses, workshops and certifications that allow them to broaden their knowledge to improve their income.

We know that keeping the mind in constant training has several advantages such as the acquisition of new skills, improving memory, helping us socialize, providing new tools for the world of work, creating business opportunities. , reduce stress for leisure and above all, increase our capacities. for problem solving.

Today, learning a new trade or profession helps people expand their employment opportunities to become entrepreneurs and, especially during the pandemic, we all need to seek out and generate new sources of work for the benefit of the community.

Below, experts from the Aprende Institute, a leading vocational training platform, share some online degrees that can help you continue to learn how to start your own business:

Professional Confectionery: Let’s be honest, a large part of the population likes to eat desserts, whether it’s for a birthday or a simple craving. Having some knowledge of baking, especially during a pandemic, allows you to start an online business where you work on order and attend birthdays at home. Remember, the holidays are approaching full of sweets and cravings, so this might be just the boost you need to venture into the culinary arts. Marketing for entrepreneurs: To start a business, it is important to have the necessary technological knowledge and tools to be able to start in such a changing environment. Today, knowing about digital marketing, sales and content creation is essential for the era in which the information we generate and how we say it is one of the essential resources for success. Nutrition and Health: A sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, and excess junk food have caused the Mexican population to develop diseases and conditions that affect health. Knowing about nutrition is of vital importance for these generations as it will prevent and improve the quality of life according to individual nutritional needs. Auto mechanics: Did you know that the appearance of Covid-19 has increased the purchase of vehicles to avoid the use of public transport? This fact is an opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge that allows you to meet the growing demand for auto maintenance and repair in your own business. Social Makeup: In the age of beauty influencers, learning these skills can’t be wrong. Through this learning space, you can become the beauty advisor to your friends and acquaintances, you can even start using your time to create tutorials that add value to your community.

At Aprende Institute you will be able to access these diplomas and many others and even complete technical careers in its schools of Well-being, Gastronomy, Entrepreneurship, Trades, Beauty and Fashion; this will allow you to acquire valuable skills and knowledge for the world of work, in addition to teaching and encouraging you to be an entrepreneur.

Constant learning opens the doors to new business opportunities, it also allows us to know how to solve problems and provides us with tools to exercise memory and have a better quality of life. It is important to remember that it is our responsibility to challenge ourselves every day to learn new things through training and hard work.

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