business keys to adapt it to the “ new standard ”

The present and the future of corporate communication: business keys to adapt it to the “ new normal ”

We have been living with the coronavirus pandemic for over a year. Consequences that have permeated society, citizens and businesses themselves, forced to modify and alter their style and their working dynamics at a resounding pace. But if there is anything that the pandemic has strengthened and improved upon, it is, beyond digitization, the area of ​​corporate communication, both internal and external, as a survival milestone for organizations. themselves.

Corporate communication at the most critical moments of the pandemic

Communication has been an essential element in overcoming these first months of the pandemic by companies. In their case, Carlos Venegas, Senior Manager of Internal Communication at Repsol, admits how they anticipated what was going to happen thanks to their international presence on the Asian continent. “We set up a crisis committee on February 25 to obtain information on the context. For us, this was essential because we adapt the decisions to this context ”. We were forced to improve corporate communication so that employees had information about prevention measures, because at the beginning there was a lot of doubts. We later used this communication strategy to see how medical recommendations affected our procedures to make sure we could keep our business going. “

Luis Lpez, director of the Talent Deloitte Spain area, emphasized the support and management and communication systems at the most critical moments, emphasizing, once again, the anticipation. “The day we returned home, we were all already with our teams, perfectly communicated and with the management and communication systems already strengthened. Communication with them was essential to stay abreast of their concerns, their needs … It was also a way of supporting the employees who were living alone in this quarantine “

External and internal communication, great allies of the company

This extraordinary situation has brought to light the most human and empathetic part of corporate communication and, with it, the humanization of businesses. Alberto Berrocal, Managing Director of Public Relations and Digital at Coonic, referred to the new communication in this way: “It must be two-way, it must convince and attract employees and it must make this commitment and the raison d’être of the company. consistent brand. Businesses must lead the change; we must assume a role of help and collaboration in society. “

For her part, Mara Galdo, communication manager at ISDI, evokes the alignment and cohesion between internal and external communication in commercial terms: “both for internal and external communication, you have to work with two bases: the consistency and balance. Pesos, that is, take into account what is important that you communicate as a business, as a brand and convey what really adds value. This mixture is to create a successful communication strategy. Always, of course, aligned with our corporate vision. You have to transfer the values ​​as a brand into everything you do and say as an organization. “

A basis shared by all the speakers present at yesterday’s webinar “ Corporate communication, from largely forgotten to a key element today: this is how communication affects talent management ”, including Luis Lpez, Director of Talent at Deloitte Spain, who underlined: “It is very important when choosing the message, not only to think about what may be of interest to managers, but also to our people, our team. , it’s about telling stories. Because communication generates corporate culture, culture reinforces these values ​​and they strengthen the DNA of the organization and the raison d’être of the company. “

Keys to corporate communication in the “ new normal ”: present and future

The speakers of the webinar “Corporate communication, from a largely forgotten element to a key element today: this is how communication affects talent management” provided the keys and strategies to achieve communication efficient business and adapted to new times.

Business communication is an investment, not an expense. Luis Perdiguero, press officer of the Adecco group, adds: “Corporate communication is based on active and two-way listening, where employees are at the center of everything.”

Carlos Venegas, Senior Manager of Internal Communication at Repsol, underlines: “one of our challenges is to progress in innovation, to be more efficient and to better understand what our employees need as employees, but also as members of society “

Luis Lpez, Director of Talent at Deloitte Spain, highlights several keys in this regard:

The Opportunity: You need to deliver content in a timely manner. In these times you have to talk about things that are useful to people. Coherence: that your messages are coherent and useful, that they serve your audience, your customers ”. Speed ​​and immediacy: these are essential at the moment and in communication we still do not have 100% in this regard. Transparency: Don’t say anything you cannot guarantee. On the contrary, you are selling smoke.

Mara Galdo, ISDI’s communications manager, talks about the future goals of communications: “The goal must be that people, employees, continue to be the center of communication. We must not forget them when building our business. Messages and we must be able to adapt to new communication languages ​​and to what they themselves ask of us. “

Better short, but concise. This is one of the messages launched by Alberto Berrocal, general manager of public relations and digital at Coonic: “It is important to give a message every time; at every moment, an idea. There is no point in overwhelming people with too much information. On the other hand, not everything is right for everyone, that is to say, we tend to think that since we have to be fast, everything happens but no, and that’s where it is. the difference. “

Relive the webinar ‘Corporate communication, from a largely forgotten element to a key element today: this is how communication affects talent management’

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