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Business news Crystal Dynamics, Sony, Cyberpunk 2077: the business news of the week Posted on 05/30/2021 at 5:00 PM Sales, studio buyouts, financial reports, developer transfer windows, investments … if these topics are of interest to you, you’ve come to the right place Job. We offer you an update on last week’s economic news.

200 million users for Snap Games

Two years ago, Snapchat announced that it wanted to use its base in the world of social networks to offer games that are accessible to all users and to bridge the gap between them and the developers. In two years, Snap Games has been used by 200 million different users, knowing that the company is targeting 30 million monthly active users. At the same time last year, Snap claimed 100 million users, which the company confirms in its decisions. The service, oriented social games, can count on the French publisher Voodoo, which specializes in the production of this type of title, in particular Aquapark IO (45 million downloads), but also on Unity, which has entered into a partnership with the social network . In particular, this agreement follows earlier collaborative work on Snap Kit and Creative Kit, a suite of tools that will allow developers to incorporate Snapchat identification options into their games. Snap Games currently has around thirty games in its catalog, but more are obviously expected.

Crystal Dynamics opens a studio in Texas

Despite the supposed business failure of Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix is ​​not failing Crystal Dynamics, and both sides have announced the opening of a new western studio. This new unit is called Crystal Southwest and is located in Austin, Texas, a city where Arcane Studios is located. The studio will be involved in all projects related to Crystal Dynamics and is led by Dallas Dickinson, who was previously director of QC Games and held production-related positions at BioWare from 2008 to 2015. Obviously there are many positions to be filled. to fill the ranks of the studio already made up of veterans from other Crystal Dynamics studios. In particular, the new studio could be working on a Guardians of the Galaxy game, the existence of which has not been formalized but has been secured by VentureBeat. Crystal Southwest frontman is Dallas Dickinson, an industry veteran with over 20 years experience developing triple-A games. Austin’s initial team, made up of veterans from Crystal Dynamics, is already working hard.

Sony confirms its intention to move into mobile gaming and beyond

Mobile gaming is growing in popularity in the industry and many titles have surpassed the status of casual games in transportation. These titles are particularly popular in Asia, and Sony is well aware of this. In a long document, the company describes its ambitions for the industry. From this year to 2025, Sony plans to invest 15 billion euros in the development of mobile games. To show its determination, the manufacturer takes, for example, the colossal success in China of Fate / Grand Order, developed by Aniplex, a subsidiary of the group. “FGO is a triumph in China thanks to our collaboration with Bilibili. We will continue to release animated series mobile games. Later we will focus on the mobile development of PlayStation licenses,” said Yoshida. To promote its games on mobile devices, Sony intends to leverage its strong licenses and gain complementary experiences. We can therefore consider mobile games for Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon, Uncharted or The Last of Us Part II. However, the whole thing is still in the planning phase, a title has not yet been announced. Additionally, Sony has spoken a lot in the traditional appeal to investors. In addition to submitting documents certifying an upcoming hardware revision that will enable Sony to stop losing money on the consoles it produces, the manufacturer expects $ 59 billion to be earned thanks to digital software in 2025, compared to $ 30 billion today. Even more ambitiously, Sony is targeting 50% of the console market with its PS5, which is better than the PS4’s 45%. The graphics presented by the publisher confirm the very positive effects of the pandemic on the numbers, but the manufacturer is still trying to reassure shareholders about the end of the crisis. The proportion of female players in the equation has increased as it is now 41% (18% in the PS1 era) while the so-called emerging markets account for 10% of revenue and the average playtime is 51.5 hours on PS5 compared to 34.6 on PS4 Services and additional content are very important now: From 2016 to 2020, PlayStation players spent five times as much on free-to-plays, from 5% to over 25% of total PlayStation Store sales. This trend can be felt at the machine level, as the playerless version of the PS5 generates more sales than the Standard Edition thanks to “add-on” sales. In general, Sony focuses a little less on the sale of machines and a little more on additional content and games. This resulted in a focus on the Chinese market, an expansion of the internal studios and the development of VR. This is surely why the pc’s valves were opened. Horizon, Death Stranding and Days Gone will soon be added to Uncharted 4.

GAME has sold Player1 Events to a mutual fund

GAME, a chain of stores that survived across the canal and in Spain after disappearing from us, has just announced the sale of Player1 Events. It is an event company little known in our regions, but it has organized the Insomnia Gaming Festival in particular. GAME acquired Player1 Events from Multiplay in 2015 for £ 20 million. With this purchase, GAME intended to enter the esports market as it grew in popularity. Unfortunately, GAME couldn’t find its place and its stores also suffered from the decline in physical sales. In early 2020, Micromania’s former competitor in France closed around thirty stores in the UK. Player1 Events is now owned by Supernoval Capital, a UK mutual fund. The amount spent was not disclosed. Craig Fletcher, founder of Multiplay and the Insomnia Gaming Festival, will lead Insomnia operations after the acquisition. To reassure everyone, Supernova has announced that all employees will be taken over by Player1 Events and that they will work as planned on organizing the events planned for 2021 and 2022. The group’s new international ambitions might allow us to discover these events in France.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a game director again

While Cyberpunk 2077 is still on the bench, especially when it comes to optimization, next-gen releases and enhancements, CD Projekt RED is continuing its reorganization. The company recently announced its upcoming reorganization and it is going through many internal changes. We learned this week that Gabriel Amatangelo, who came into the box as Creative Director back in January 2020, has been named Game Director of Cyberpunk 2077. The latter has the tough job of directing the development of the game’s expansions. while the main title continues to heal its wounds. He replaces Adam Badowski, who will now be working on CD Projekt’s “2.0” mutation, which aims to streamline the production of titles and enable multiple AAA games to be developed simultaneously. This appointment is not a premiere for Gabriel Amatangelo as he previously held the position of Game Director at QC Games, EA and BioWare. However, we also learn of the departure of Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, the Quest designer whose work on The Witcher 3 was celebrated. The reasons for his departure were not disclosed. As a reminder, the new roadmap says the free DLC is expected to be released this summer, while the next generation upgrade is expected between June and December.

Electronic Arts: Ultimate Team modes always more profitable

In its annual review, EA already highlighted the power of the Ultimate Team modes, which are always generating more engagement and money. Popular varieties of the general public, they are regularly selected because of the free-to-play economic model applied. Some players deny that they have to pay for their game and then pay back the contents of the mode, others believe that it can be dangerous as part of a gambling addiction. Several countries have already passed laws, others are watching the situation very closely. A detailed report was recently filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, which found that Team of FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL, or even UFC Ultimate modes accounted for 29% of the team’s sales, or $ 1.62 Billion Our most popular live service is the additional content available for Ultimate Team mode in conjunction with our sports franchises. Any event or circumstance that would affect our ability to reliably deliver content or maintain our commitment to Ultimate Team, particularly FIFA Ultimate Team, would have a disproportionate negative impact on our earnings. The editor also highlighted the various laws that have been passed in certain areas against microtransactions in Ultimate Team modes. He also appealed the Netherlands’ decision to ban the sale of loot boxes, which could suspend the measure. EA believes that the services and products it sells do not violate gambling laws.


4 million copies were distributed for Resident Evil Village, it took 8 months for Resident Evil VII to reach this level. The Xbox & Bethesda conference will take place on June 13th at 7:00 p.m. The judge will try to deliver her verdict before August 13th. Charlie Guillemot, son of Yves, and Rémi Pellerin left Ubisoft Owlient, which they ran. They had recently been heavily criticized for using the iconography of the Black Live Matters movement to portray a terrorist group in Elite Squad. Lawrence Probst, historic EA leader, has announced his resignation after 30 years with the publisher. He should now devote himself to his work as President of the Olympic and Paralympic Committee of the United States. The Switch “Pro” could be announced before E3 and appear in September or October. Resident Evil Village dominates the week in France according to the SELL. The PS4 version takes first place ahead of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, the PS5 version of Village, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mass Effect Legendary Edition. 7 million copies of Monster Hunter Rise have been distributed worldwide. At least 2 million players have tried Knockout City, the multiple-shot prisoner title.

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