Business Talents fosters an entrepreneurial culture among university students

Following its success in countries such as Greece, Italy and Mexico, Business Talents has arrived in Spain, an educational business simulation program that aims to promote an entrepreneurial culture among university students.

This project, organized by Herbalife Nutrition and Praxis MMT, takes the form of a competition in Business Game format in which university students will have to run their own virtual business as real managers and compete with the rest of the teams from other universities for the title of best virtual entrepreneur in Spain.

The way they run their business will depend on a sophisticated business simulator developed by Praxis MMT, which is offered free to universities and valued at over 3,000 euros each.

In this way, thousands of young people will have the opportunity to introduce the practice into their academic knowledge in a fun way, with this initiative which is presented as a support for classical theoretical learning methods. Among the advantages that this brings them, there are: enriching their course, helping them to orient themselves towards their future and offering them more possibilities to access the job market.

“We are in a time of high youth unemployment. With the Business Talents training program, a link is created between the world of education and work which will make it easier for young people to find a job tomorrow. Thus, with the introduction of an innovative learning tool in universities, young people can get closer to the experience lived within a company in a real way ”, explains Mario Martnez, director of Business Talents.

Likewise, Tara Lpez, Managing Director of Herbalife Nutrition Spain, adds: “thanks to this initiative, we can offer young people a more in-depth vision of what entrepreneurship is, that they experience and see it as a real means of growth. professional and personal for their future ”.

For five months, the different university teams will have to carry out their business project with the right decision-making, so that their company obtains the maximum possible benefits and becomes the most prosperous on the market.

The top 100 teams will reach the national final in which they will compete for the title of the best virtual entrepreneurs in Spain. The winning teams will distribute more than 7,500 euros in prizes to students, as well as accreditation diplomas.

The registration process to participate in Edition I of Business Talents will be open until November 29 for all those registered in a university course, aged 17 to 29.

This business simulation competition for university students that begins this year in Spain, already has a wide range in its junior version for schools and institutes all over Spain. For ten years, Young Business Talents has been established in educational centers and more than 68,000 students from 1,451 educational centers have had the opportunity to benefit from this pioneering training program in Spain, having developed various skills in management and entrepreneurship.

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