Businesses Across Sectors Rally to Stop LGBTI Families From Being a Tab at Work

Businesses Across Sectors Rally to Stop LGBTI Families From Being a Tab at Work

Talking naturally at work about your sexual orientation or saying that your son or daughter is trans or that you just had a baby with your gay partner isn’t easy for everyone. To prevent these problems from continuing to be hidden in the workplace, REDI (Business Network for Diversity and LGBTI Integration) and its associated companies Oracle and SEAT SA, with the collaboration of Danone and Nationale-Nederlanden, organized today the “Families, LGBTI Companies and Diversity” meeting in the CASA SEAT auditorium in Barcelona.

During the event, various representatives of these companies brought their personal testimonies and experiences as members of various families linked to the LGBTI community to underline the importance for all people to be able to speak out and talk about their own. naturally in the work environment. . , without fear of being singled out or judged for it.

The event, which was followed by streaming from all over the world, was led by comedian and actress Elsa Ruiz, who brought dynamism and a touch of humor to an issue that still represents a barrier in the relationships of work for many people.

The meeting was attended by Gabrielle Palma, director of CASA SEAT, and Scar Muoz, co-director of REDI, who spoke about diversity in the business world and its connection to family well-being and the working environment. job. Because being able to express oneself freely about personal and family life at work is essential to strengthen working relationships.

Families, like businesses, are diverse and what happens in them affects the well-being of all of their members in all areas of their lives, including at work. For this reason, talking about diverse families is talking about different businesses and being able to share different family situations naturally makes employees happier and more productive in their work.

In the words of Scar Muoz, “The family is very important as a safe support space for LGBTI people. At REDI, we work with businesses to help them create respectful and safe workspaces with the entire workforce, where they can give visibility to family diversity and where their members have sufficient freedom and confidence to speak openly about the particularities of their families ”.

This was followed by a discussion table in which personal testimonies were the main protagonists. Elisabeth Patio, Secretary to the Head of Legal Services and Good Governance at SEAT SA, Sergio Daz Jubera, Senior Manager of Software Development at Oracle, Albert Batlle, Head of Digital Marketing at Danone, Cristina Rubio, Quality Supervisor at Nationale-Nederlanden, and Katy Palls, president of Associaci de Famlies LGTBI and vice president of platform, all linked to the LGBTI community in first person or because they have close relatives, recounted their experiences and discussed the challenges that arise. advance in the inclusion of concepts in Spain.

For Cristina Rubio, “the key lies in promoting knowledge and communication both in the family and in the workplace. There are still many forms of discrimination and barriers to the integration of trans people into the business world. Improving and guaranteeing the future employment of our sons and daughters is to give them visibility. For this reason, I believe that it is essential to transmit naturally and positively the reality, the process and the pride to be the father or the mother of a trans child and thus to be able to accompany him on this path ”. For her part, Elisabeth Patio was proud to be able to share her family experience through SEAT SA and its Pride Moves us network, “an initiative that emanates from the workers themselves and which is a big step forward to support and promote diversity, equality and respect for the LGBTI community, ”he said. Albert Batll ​​adds: “Inclusive diversity is a key pillar of our values ​​as a company. As the first consumer food company to achieve B Corp certification in Spain, we aspire to contribute to a world fairer, more inclusive and tolerant of society, by guaranteeing the necessary means so that everyone can obtain the best version. This is our goal with Nourishing Diversity, six commitments to bring diversity beyond Danone. ”For its part, Sergio Daz Jubera said that at work he came in and out of the closet, according to the company: “Unfortunately there are still many companies where LGBTI people face harassment and discrimination. most companies have nondiscrimination policies, achieving true diversity is a lifelong journey, not a one-stop-shop. It requires learning, unlearning and r constant learning ”. And Katy Palls, stressed “the importance for businesses to understand that LGBTI people come to have been discriminated against in almost every area of ​​our lives and, therefore, we need to empower ourselves and feel that we have allies. We also see it in families and in the problems they pose to us. Support at work level is essential, one of the last links on the road to equality ”.

In the third part of the act, it was possible to enjoy the inspiring presentation offered by Carlos Villagrasa, magistrate, president of the Association for the Defense of the Rights of Children and Adolescents and defender of the rights of the LGBTI community . “If in childhood the main area of ​​socialization is school, in adulthood it is the business, and it is always the family, the family of origin and destination, the one we chooses “, he declared in his speech,” the company, as a human organization, it has a vision of development, change and improvement, because it is a question of choosing the best path while by observing the diversity that exists in our environment of coexistence ”.

By way of conclusion, all the participants agreed on the need to promote inclusion from the first levels of education, and to make companies aware of the wealth brought by a diverse team, a team where trust and an environment free invite all its members to give the best of themselves. .

The event ended with a musical performance by Clara Gispert and Manu Dabove.

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