Businesses Focus on Improving Employee Emotional Well-Being This Summer: Find Out How

Businesses Focus on Improving Employee Emotional Well-Being This Summer: Find Out How

After a turbulent period like the one we have known, large companies are now focusing on the well-being of their employees to come back in force in September. This is why mindfulness at work is at its peak in HR trends, explains Euroforum, a leading integrator of training and event solutions and services for companies.

In this sense, Euroforum ensures that companies are increasingly aware of it, which has motivated the integration of new figures such as happiness managers or the creation of Health & Well-being poles in HR services to help employees to cope with the changes experienced in recent months in their work process.

The goal is now to reduce stress and fight against the most frequent work-related factors in recent months that may have caused it, such as reconciling personal and family needs for teleworking, emotional disconnection from colleagues, lack of access to necessary Tools and equipment or the need to adapt to another work space or schedule, among others. For this reason, companies are making mindfulness one of the primary business tools for dealing with everyday work.

Thus, human resources and talent development managers take advantage of the summer months to help them cope and take measures to support them in developing resilience and reducing stress at work. “It’s not for everyone to have a goofy smile on their face while working. Well-being in the workplace is something that goes much further, it is a well-defined and strategic way of thinking with the people at the center ”, explains Marcos Martnez Jurado, director of the Learning, Activities and Experiences area of Euroforum. For this to work, Martnez Jurado explains that mindfulness needs to start in top management and continue to spread through the leadership team and middle managers to all segments of the organization.

The SHINRIN YOKU or “forest bath” and garbage collection, among the recommended activities

According to Euroforum, with this objective, the human resources departments choose to offer their employees various activities that focus on emotional well-being and aim to return to work in September with energy and a positive attitude. Above all, presence activities prevail, to counter the excess of “virtual contacts” for more than a year.

For this reason, Euroforum recommends activities that make it possible to benefit from the restorative power of nature, such as the Japanese technique SHINRIN YOKU or “forest bath”, consisting of walking through the forest in a meditative and guided way; the planting of trees and the collection of rubbish – waste in any natural space – even at the underwater level; the practice of yoga and mindfulness in natural environments (forests, cabins, waterfalls …), experiential team building (diving programs, golf, fencing …), capoeiras, acrobatics, dance and of bodily expression.

He also advises other activities such as destructotherapy, which involves releasing tension by destroying objects, and programs focused on positive psychology where work is done on the promotion of positive emotions and affections, with an emphasis on the development of the virtues and strengths of teams. organizational resilience and happiness, etc.

In this sense, Marcos Martnez concludes that “with Mindfulness we have learned that things are here and now. Companies should take advantage of the summer months to foster positive emotions in their employees, help them celebrate the miracle that all of us, companies and employees, are always on the go, and give them the opportunity to connect much more with those around them. to continue to grow professionally “.

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