Businesses start choosing the best Christmas gifts

As the Christmas season approaches, many companies wish to have a detail with their workers after a particularly difficult year. For this reason, Galanta, the Mediapost unit specializing in loyalty and incentive programs, has revealed which will be the most sought-after corporate gifts in 2020.

Unlike what happened last year, when virtual reality glasses, smart watches or telescopic lenses for the mobile camera triumphed, corporate Christmas gifts were greatly influenced by everything the pandemic brought. . So in the first place are the gifts related to telecommuting. With nearly four million Spaniards telecommuting, according to Adecco, employees and companies have been looking in recent months for a way to create optimal working conditions at home. Given this situation, many companies will be giving away this Christmas from home office supplies to technology products like wireless headphones for the frequent video conferences.

Secondly, sanitary products will be very present in any catalog of gifts. After almost a year marked by the pandemic, gifts such as company masks, ultraviolet or ozone sterilization boxes, hydroalcoholic gels, or even mask covers and accessories will be among the most requested.

The online purchase of sports equipment has increased significantly during the lock-up period, and it is now one of the most requested categories in terms of corporate gifts, even if gifts related to sport and fitness. promoting healthy living is still one of the most popular categories. the protagonists on these dates. Yoga mats, sports clothing and accessories, and activity tracking bracelets will be among the most popular.

Leisure at home is another of the protagonists of the year due to restrictions and limitations in mobility or in sectors such as the hospitality industry, therefore gifts such as tablets and smart speakers or products gastronomic to taste at home other of the most requested categories.

Finally, many companies will also take advantage of their Christmas gift to deepen their societal commitment, by giving their employees the possibility of donating the amount of their gift to a food bank or a charity.

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