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From today and according to new government regulations, vaccination is therefore open to all people over the age of 18, and vaccination, which will be open to certain population groups from mid-January, is therefore open to everyone!

Vaccination centers get enough doses today to be able to vaccinate hard! This is rather good news, even if, remember, vaccination against Covid 19 prevents the virus from causing severe forms.

What exactly is the vaccine?

However, it does not prevent you from contracting Covid 19 or transmitting it to people who would not be vaccinated. And that worries the medical world! They even gave a name to this new, worrying habit: The Vaccine Syndrome!

To understand this phenomenon, it is very simple! When we receive a vaccine, it is supposed to protect us from infection or the development of diseases. The flu vaccine, for example, protects against severe forms, but does not offer immunity against the flu!

Some numbers…

And the same goes for the coronavirus, with the difference that this virus is much more deadly than that of the flu … The numbers speak for themselves, no insult to those who still think it’s just a “minor flu”! By May 17, Covid 19 had claimed 3,393,600 victims in just over a year!

And these are just the official numbers! According to Midi Libre and Dr. Samira Asma, Deputy Director General of WHO and responsible for the data department, the number could be much higher: “I think I can say that about six to eight million deaths could be a conservative estimate, explained during a virtual press conference.

The vaccination against Covid-19 is open to everyone over the age of 18. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Olga52

So what is this vaccination syndrome?

Doctors wonder if this syndrome couldn’t fall into the “side effects” category of various vaccines … and it doesn’t matter if it’s Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca, as it’s not the vaccine itself.

Even if you are vaccinated, you must not be on your guard! Photo credit: Shutterstock / M_Agency

It is the vaccinated themselves who feel protected and are on their guard! And especially in the first two weeks after the first injection. And these two weeks are crucial, because then our body produces antibodies! By forgetting the mask or ignoring barrier gestures, new contamination occurs. And doctors fear an unexpected increase in the number of cases.

When does the vaccine really protect us?

Before you hope to be protected, you have to wait to get the two doses of the vaccine … then add another two weeks after the second dose! Only then do the various vaccines work … So it’s two months after receiving the first dose and not two weeks as some think.

The youngest among us now have access to the vaccine! But they’ll have to wait until the end of July to hope to drop the mask! According to the doctors, this is an essential step for the vaccine to be effective … We have patiently had this mask and barrier gestures for over a year now! We’re not anywhere near two months!

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