“By telling the truth, we will be able to achieve appropriate vaccination figures”

Updated: Tuesday, November 17, 2020 8:09 PM

Published on: 11.17.2020 19:59

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, spoke out on compulsory vaccination in the event that a formula against COVID-19 is obtained. “Experts tell us that it is not advisable to make the vaccine mandatory,” he said.

Illa said that by simply telling the people “the truth” he predicts that “appropriate immunization figures can be achieved”. A week ago, the Minister showed this confidence to citizens, without however ruling out the possibility of making it compulsory.

“I believe the public will respond well, I don’t think it is necessary to make compulsory vaccination, this is a scenario that we should not rule out, but I don’t think it is necessary, honestly. let the public understand that the way of The pandemic is precisely with vaccination, this is how infectious diseases have historically ended and it will end this way as well, ”he clarified.

The truth is, according to a study in 19 countries, Spain is above the European average in terms of people “convinced” to get vaccinated. Our country is eighth in this ranking, with 74% of the population convinced. The next European country, two places lower, is the United Kingdom, with just over 71%.

In addition, it should be taken into account that, at least during the first year of the vaccine, there will not be doses for everyone, so it is unlikely that a State will make the decision to implement a compulsory vaccination against COVID-19.

However, experts such as Rafael Vilasanjuan, director of ISGlobal Global Analysis and Development, do not rule out that “there may be a country, even a Western one, which decides that it needs to be massively vaccinated and put in place enough regulations. to vaccinate many people “.

Although Illa has been “optimistic” with the results of the vaccines and warns that “with an effective and safe vaccine, we will start the road to the end”, he continues to express his concern as key dates approach. . “I do not hide that we face the month of December and Christmas with concern, which will not have to be the same,” he told the Senate.

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