CaixaBank and AED create a mentoring program to promote the presence of women executives in large companies

CaixaBank and AED create a mentoring program to promote the presence of women executives in large companies

With the support of CaixaBank, the AED (Spanish Association of Executives) promotes a mentoring program, under the name AED Lead Mentoring Women Executives by CaixaBank, which aims to promote the presence of female executives in large companies. Representatives of the financial institution and leading companies in their sector that make up the AED corporate partnership program, such as Enags, Naturgy, Repsol, Seat, Suez and Telefnica, will participate in this new project, which is part of the Mentoring initiatives carried out by CaixaBank and AED, which was created to foster the personal and professional growth of women selected for their high leadership potential.

The number of women in managerial positions in Spain increased by four points last year to 34%, according to the “Women In Business” study by the consultancy firm Grant Thornton. Furthermore, Spain is at the forefront of Europe with the highest percentage of female CEOs in companies, at 25%, compared to the average for the rest of the European Union countries (19%). Initiatives such as the one currently promoted by CaixaBank and AED aim to help continue to increase gender equality in leadership positions.

Identify the keys to professional success

The mentoring initiative is based on an exchange of experiences between managers (women and men) with a consolidated career in large companies, who will play the role of mentors, and women in full development of their professional careers (mentees).

In total, for this first edition, 31 managers from CaixaBank and 31 other professionals from companies such as Enags, Naturgy, Repsol, Seat, Suez and Telefnica were selected. The program starts at the end of October and ends in April. During these months, the participants will organize six virtual one-on-one sessions in which they will work together to overcome the limitations and obstacles that women face in their daily work.

The mentors who will participate in AED Lead Mentoring Women Directors by CaixaBank are professionals with demonstrated leadership within their companies who, due to their trajectory, have the ability to identify the keys to professional success, have a personal profile to strong impact and want to leave a legacy in your business. For their part, mentees are women who have great ability, are highly motivated and talented to bring high value to their business. To match the participating managers, their professional goals, expectations, needs and experience, among other variables, are taken into account.

Entities committed to diversity

With this new initiative, CaixaBank and AED want to help promote a culture of equal opportunities for professional development in large companies. Both entities are committed to diversity and therefore promote projects that help improve equal opportunities, meritocracy and gender-neutral talent.

CaixaBank, an entity chaired by Jordi Gual and whose CEO is Gonzalo Gortzar, has the Wengage Diversity Program, a transversal project developed by people from all areas of the entity, based on meritocracy and the promotion of equality opportunity, which works to promote and visualize gender, functional and generational diversity. Wengage includes internal measures to promote flexibility and conciliation, training plans or female mentoring, through which the entity’s guidelines advise other professionals in the development of their professional careers.

Externally, CaixaBank’s commitment to diversity includes promoting debate and public debate on diversity, with initiatives such as the CaixaBank Discussions; the organization of various awards and recognitions for business leadership (Women Entrepreneur Award) or academic excellence (WONNOW Award); or sport-related action lines (sponsorship of the women’s basketball team).

Currently, CaixaBank has 41.7% women in management positions and 40% women on the board, one of the highest percentages in the industry. In addition, he pledged to continue moving in this direction and to reach 43% of women in management positions by 2021.

For its part, the AED, whose CEO is Xavier Gangonells, aims to be the benchmark in the professional development of Spanish managers. Since its creation in 1996, it has had various projects and initiatives aimed at strengthening the diversity, grouping and representation of managers and professionals in the business environment. In this sense, the Association also has this Mentoring program which aims to contribute to the professional career of its members, both for managers with long experience and for young people who are taking their first steps in the professional world.

Likewise, the activities developed by AED are focused on the collaboration in the professional development of people who have the responsibility and the passion to lead organizations, thus contributing to the progress of the society as a whole.

In addition to the promotion and development of these initiatives, the AED also conducts in-depth research work for the development of the managerial profession, through different working groups, and builds bridges between managers and the rest of the company they have deserved the recognition of the UN, of which the Economic and Social Council ACN is a consultative body.

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