CaixaBank volunteer program exceeds 12,000 participants in 2020

In 2020, the CaixaBank volunteering program mobilized a total of 12,531 volunteers, mainly active and retired employees of the entity, as well as employees of the “la Caixa” Foundation, family members, customers and individuals. interested in solidarity actions. A total of 4,105 activities were carried out throughout Spain, corresponding to the various projects carried out by the CaixaBank Volunteer Association throughout the year.

Thanks to all this work, more than 120,000 people, mainly young people, the elderly, the disabled and families in vulnerable situations, have benefited this year from the activities carried out by CaixaBank volunteers.

The level of activity of the program in 2020 made it possible to carry out a daily average of ten solidarity activities and around 180 hours of volunteering. In total, by adding all the contributions of volunteers to the various activities, they exceeded 44,000 participations and 80,000 hours of dedication.

A universe of projects

The program is structured into areas designed to meet different needs, mainly in the areas of financial education, reading support for children, training to reduce the digital divide of the elderly, counseling on employability and placement. and take care of the environment. Taking into account the great territorial capillarity of the bank, present throughout Spain through its network of more than 4000 branches and in close contact with the needs of the social entities of each locality, the volunteers of CaixaBank carry out activities closely linked to everyone’s needs. territory.

In 2020, CaixaBank volunteers took part in nearly 1,200 financial education activities, including workshops for people in difficult economic situations as well as courses for 4-year-old ESO students corresponding to the program ” Finance for Young People ”, developed in collaboration with the Institute for Financial Studies and educational advisers from the various autonomous governments.

A total of 17,244 people benefited from these workshops, which give participants a better understanding of how to control their income and expenses and how to make the best financial decisions for their daily lives. Regarding the reading support activity, the CaixaBank volunteer program promoted around 140 sessions, in which more than 500 minors in vulnerable situations participated, organized in small groups of 2 or 3 children per session, with the aim of help them improve their reading comprehension and their cognitive and linguistic development. Thanks to individual attention and the adaptation of reading to the particular interests of minors, these sessions have made the difference for many children who, due to the health situation, have seen the usual way school reinforcement initiatives.

Supporting digitization for people who have difficulty adapting to new technologies, such as the elderly or people with disabilities, was another of the initiatives put forward in 2020 for CaixaBank volunteers. More specifically, around thirty activities were carried out related to basic training in office automation tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), the use of social networks or the management of digital communication applications, such as Skype. , Zoom or WhatsApp. This commitment has helped to help reduce the digital divide among more than 300 people, including vulnerable people and the technicians and professionals who work with them.

The projects related to the employability and professional integration of groups at risk of exclusion have enabled the development of 80 actions, most of which aim to offer socio-professional support, but also with a significant presence of a new initiative created in 2020: independent mentoring sessions. , aimed at facilitating the entry into the labor market of vulnerable people by defining and promoting small businesses. In total, employability-related activities have benefited over 600 entrepreneurs and have been particularly important in helping people who, in the context of the pandemic, have been forced to reorient their business plans.

In addition to working in all of these areas, the volunteers also developed other initiatives, such as environmental actions, basic food or clothing drives, and advanced patient care.

The importance of new online formats

Along with the intense activity recorded, the main feature of CaixaBank’s volunteering program in 2020 has been the adaptation of actions to non-face-to-face formats, given the pandemic situation of COVID-19. For example, in October, the entity adopted the online format for the celebration of its social week, which involves a large number of participants in a special intensive program that takes place over seven days. In total, around 200 activities were activated throughout Spain.

But, throughout the year, the adaptation to the digital format was constant and was implemented in a third of the program, even in 70% of the activities in a few months. This made it possible to organize distance financial education workshops, letter-writing initiatives against loneliness for the elderly, online dance or cooking lessons for vulnerable young people, family craft workshops. for charitable purposes or projects to develop masks of solidarity.

In addition, since the start of the pandemic, CaixaBank volunteers have also participated in the entity’s solidarity initiatives, such as the delivery and distribution of tablets in homes for the elderly or the supply of food, health and emergency supplies, as well as a campaign of financial donations for Food Banks in Spain developed in collaboration with the “la Caixa” Foundation, which has managed to raise 3.4 million euros.

To carry out this work, the members of the CaixaBank Volunteers Association received nearly 8,000 hours of training, aimed at increasing their specialization, helping them to use new tools for the development of the activity and to offer professional support, tailored to each beneficiary or group.

New image for “CaixaBank Volunteering”

Coinciding with its 15th anniversary, the Volunteer Association presented its new brand, Voluntariado CaixaBank, and the renewal of its image.

In a year of change and uncertainty, which has meant the adaptation of volunteering to the digital environment, and an exceptional reorganization to meet diverse social needs, this new image represents a recognition of the commitment of all who make part of the program. Despite the difficulties related to the health situation, the entity wishes to promote one of its most important assets, and to recognize all the members who generate a positive social impact from their altruistic activity.

CaixaBank’s volunteer program has more than 5,000 members belonging to the Volunteer Association who participate in initiatives on a recurring basis, while the rest do so through the Social Weeks activities that the bank organizes twice a day. an During the Digital Social Week held in October, CaixaBank mobilized more than 8,200 employees and customers as volunteers. In collaboration with a hundred social organizations, the entity has activated a large proposal for non-face-to-face volunteer activities to continue providing support to the most vulnerable despite the distance.

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