CaixaBank volunteers promote more than 3,500 solidarity initiatives for the benefit of more than 80,000 people

CaixaBank volunteers promote more than 3,500 solidarity initiatives for the benefit of more than 80,000 people

Around 3,000 CaixaBank volunteers have organized several activities so far this year in areas such as child poverty, health and the elderly, employability and placement, financial education and the environment.

BY RRHHD Digital, 2:45 p.m. – August 31, 2021

Coinciding with International Solidarity Day, CaixaBank’s volunteering program took stock of the work done since the start of the year, during which more than 3,500 solidarity initiatives were promoted to help more than 80,000 people. .

Around 3,000 volunteers from the entity have been involved in actions that cover different areas of action. Among them, there is child poverty and social exclusion, with more than 5,000 hours devoted to reading support and school reinforcement, projects aimed at improving the school performance of minors in vulnerable situations.

Another remarkable area is that of health and the elderly, among others, initiatives related to the care of groups of elderly people, with the aim of alleviating their feeling of loneliness and promoting their leisure and learning. Among other actions, the volunteers set up periodic calls, mailings, cultural outings or recreational activities adapted to the online environment.

In addition, the volunteers, in collaboration with social entities throughout the territory, have worked in particular in the field of socio-professional integration and entrepreneurship. Thanks to their economic and financial knowledge, they were able to advise groups in vulnerable situations in their process of seeking employment or for the consolidation of new businesses, for the benefit of more than 5,000 people. In addition, this year marks the launch of the “Digitization” program, which offers basic training in digital skills with the aim of improving the skills of members of social entities.

With a view to contributing to improving the quality of life of people threatened with exclusion, another of the pillars of solidarity action is financial education. So far this year, over 1,400 workshops have been delivered for 18,976 beneficiaries. Specifically, the ‘Finance for Youth’ program stands out, aimed at ESO 4th year students, and highlighted in the PISA Financial Literacy Report.

Finally, the volunteers also promoted many initiatives related to the environment, in particular through the project ‘R4: Challenge Collect, Recycle and Breathe’ launched by the entity with the aim of helping to clean more than 200 natural areas in all over Spain and in which 230 volunteers have already participated.

A summer of solidarity

During this summer, CaixaBank volunteers were able to participate in more than 200 solidarity activities throughout the territory, for the benefit of vulnerable groups and for the improvement of society, available on the site

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