California Mahatma Gandhi statue: Mahatma Gandhi statue vandalized in America California: Mahatma Gandhi statue exploded in California

Mahatma Gandhi statue in a park in California, USA, was damaged and dropped by unknown chaotic elements. The Indo-American community is angry across the country after the incident unfolded. Calling it a “hate crime”, the authorities were urged to punish its culprits swiftly and punish them.

This 6-foot-tall bronze statue weighing around 300kg was located in Davis’ Central Park. Looking at him looks like he’s been cut, his face damaged. On the morning of January 27, a park worker found the gout. The statue is being removed until an investigation, according to Davis’ adviser Lucus Fréish. Investigators do not yet know why the statue may have been overturned.

Seriousness can be understood
Davis Police Department deputy chief Paul Doroshov admitted the statue had cultural significance for a community in the city. In such a situation, its severity can be understood. The statue was donated by the Indian government to Davis, while the Organization of Minorities in India (OFMI) opposed it and demanded its removal.

Look for “ hate crimes ”
On the other hand, Gaurang Desai of Friends of India Society International said that anti-Indian and anti-Hindu fundamentalist organizations and Khalistani separatists have created an atmosphere of hatred. The incident is being investigated under the title “Hate Crime”. It has been described as a crime not only against Mahatma Gandhi, but also against Indians and Native Americans.

At the same time, a pro-Khalistan organization in California has also expressed its joy over the incident. This is not the first time that Gandhi’s statue has been abused in America. In December 2020, Khalistan supporters damaged the statue outside the Indian Embassy in Washington DC.

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