Calm in El Tarajal as the government manages the reception of more than 700 minors who have arrived in Ceuta


Updated: Thursday, May 20, 2021 9:53 AM

Published on: 20.05.2021 09:52

The closure of the border with Ceuta by Morocco has meant that there have been no new arrivals of migrants by the sea from El Tarajal, which this Thursday rose with waves and waves.

The image of the beach is radically different from that of the previous days, when thousands of migrants tried to swim to Spanish territory. Despite the calm, the army is still deployed in El Tarajal with tanks as well as agents of the Civil Guard and volunteers of the Red Cross.

Over the past three days, more than 8,000 people have crossed the border from Morocco to Ceuta, of which 5,600 have been returned, according to the latest report from the Interior Ministry.

More than 1,500 migrants who crossed the Ceuta border are minors: 750 of them are in warehouses in the industrial zone of El Tarajal. At the end of the afternoon of Wednesday, 150 minors were transferred by bus to the Piniers refuge, with a capacity of 200 people and which was closed in early May.

Many minors who were not reunited on board the ships continue to roam the city of Ceuta and others have approached the border with the intention of returning to their country. According to Efe, these minors were refused passage. “I just want to walk,” said Said Mohamed, a 17-year-old who slept between boxes in a park.

The Ministry of Social Rights has already asked the autonomous communities to welcome 200 of the unaccompanied minors who arrived in Ceuta this week. Some communities like Euskadi or Catalonia have spoken out in favor of welcoming these migrants, as well as the Valencian Community, whose vice-president Mónica Oltra has expressed its willingness to collaborate: “Without knowing the number yet, yes. be it. “

This is also the case of the Balearic Islands, whose president, Francina Armengol, has shown her “willingness” to welcome minors within Minister Ione Belarra. Other communities like Madrid, Andalusia or Murcia have shown more reluctance to the initiative and this Thursday the 24-hour period to present allegations to the reception plan ends.

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