camp stutthof: 95-year-old woman convicted of murdering 10,000 people, but juvenile court to hand down sentence, whole case heard – Germany accuses 95-year-old Nazi camp secretary for murder 10,000 Jews in the Stutthof camp

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Convicted of murdering 10,000 people, 95-year-old woman in Germany, trial in Russian court, date not set
A 95-year-old Nazi, Hitler’s assistant in Germany, was convicted of killing 10,000 people during World War II. This woman then worked as a secretary in a Nazi concentration house. There is no announcement regarding the punishment of this woman. Under German privacy law, the woman’s true identity was withheld and treated as an irmguard.

Juvenile court to convict 95-year-old woman
At the time of the crime, the woman was under the age of 21. Therefore, according to German law, this woman will be brought to juvenile court for punishment. After which, the punishment will be announced for his gruesome crime. Let us tell you that in Germany the juvenile court sentences citizens under the age of 21 to the crime.

This woman is also the secretary of the commander of the Stuhof camp
Between June 1943 and April 1945, the woman was secretary to the commander of the Stüthof camp, 32 km from the Polish town of Gda स्क sk. Prosecutors said the woman admitted her camp had a lot of correspondence and several files in which she knew a lot about some of the prisoner murders. However, he denied reports that thousands of people had been killed in the gas chamber at that time.

A 93-year-old man was also sentenced last year
Last year, a 93-year-old man was convicted in a Hamburg juvenile court for 5,230 murders. He also served as a guard at the age of 17 at Camp Stouthof. More than 60,000 people are said to have died in the Stuhof camp at the hands of the Nazis. It was the first concentration camp to be established outside the German border.

What was Hitler’s “ final solution ”
In 1939, after Germany instigated world war, Hitler began to implement his final solution to eradicate the Jews. During this time, several torture camps were built in Germany and Poland. The most important of these was the Nazi Holocaust Center in Ashwitz. Hitler’s intelligence agency, SS, captured and brought in Jews from most of Europe. Where workers were kept alive, while elderly and infirm were put to death in a gas chamber. All the identity documents of these people were destroyed and a special mark was made in the hand.

Do you know the story of these children wearing the clothes of prisoners behind barbed wire?
Why did the Nazis want to kill the Jews?
The National Socialist Party of German Workers (NSDAP) was called the Nazi. The Nazi Party was a political party established in Germany in 1919 after World War I. Nazi leaders declared that eradicating the Jews from the world would benefit the German people and all mankind. However, there was no real threat from the Jews. For that, they did not care about age, sex, faith or work.

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