Campaigns married to Congress and Sánchez accuses him of “corruption” in the case of Murcia: “They represent the bad arts”

Publication: Wednesday March 17, 2021 09:56

Pablo Casado took advantage of his intervention in the control session with the government to launch the slogans of the PP electoral campaign in Madrid. “On May 4, freedom will prevail in Madrid”, declared the popular leader to the Prime Minister, who was warned that “it will be the first step of the union in the PP of all the center-right”.

“Oh! Mr. Casado, we are in the countryside and we are at the meeting, every Wednesday a meeting of Mr. Casado”, Pedro Sánchez made him ugly in turn to answer, accusing the PP of “bad arts” : “You represented the continuity in the bad arts, in the lack of respect towards its partners, in this case to the citizens, in the transfuguismo, which is corruption Mr. Egea, corruption”.

The PP leader also accused Sánchez of “conspiring to change the governments of Madrid, Murcia and Castile and León” while “in Spain, 300 people have died from COVID”. “As two million families line up to go hungry, you share ministries with a defendant who has been convicted of assaulting police and tax evasion in their ranks,” Casado said.

“The only legacy of Iglesias, his social shield. Which was to return to Vallecas in an official car. You know what happens when a ship starts to flee, that they start to leave it even to get to Madrid as the fifth force “. he criticized the head of the PP.

Sánchez responded to their comments by making a recommendation: “You don’t need to change headquarters, don’t leave Genoa. Stay. They represent the worst version of the PP. That of corruption and that of the far right. . “

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