Campo says “there is no option not to treat pardon” of the prisoners in the trial

Posted: Wednesday December 30 2020 12:18 PM

The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, maintains that “there is no option not to treat pardon” for the prisoners of the trials, since it is “a legal obligation”. This was pronounced this Wednesday in an interview with “RAC 1”, where he defended that “we must make a strong bet for reconciliation, reunion and coexistence”.

The head of justice expressed himself in the same way that Pedro Sánchez did it yesterday Tuesday, who, when asked about the pardons granted to Catalan politicians, stressed that his is “a government which from the start has failed not hide its intentions. “and” clearly bet on reunion, reconciliation and coexistence in Catalonia “.

“When we talk about Catalonia, nobody is faultless, we have all made mistakes and what we have to do is learn from these mistakes, look to the future and be able to find a space where we can be. find again, “added the chief executive.

Campo, who assured that he “fully” shares the words of the Prime Minister, asserted that “there is no self-respecting leader who does not have the constitutional obligation to ensure these conditions so that all Spaniards feel at ease in a framework of coexistence that we gave ourselves in the year 78 “.

A reconciliation in which forgiveness is “one more piece that may or may not help”, according to the minister, who does not exclude that some of the imprisoned politicians can obtain it and others not. “Anything can happen. Playing crystal ball is not one of the tasks of this Ministry of Justice, but everyone has their own life,” he said.

Asked if the pardons will be addressed in the first quarter of the New Year, Campo declined to specify a date, but stressed that these “appear to be reasonable deadlines” and that it is “super complicated “to do so before the Catalan elections. scheduled for February 14.

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