Can Ayuso rule or will he be a victim of his success? Will Gabilondo be president without churches?

Updated: Tuesday, April 20, 2021 12:23 PM

Published on: 20.04.2021 12:18

None of Madrid’s six presidential candidates will win an absolute majority. This is what emerges from all the polls published, which suggest that the parties will have to agree to govern.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for the moment, does not want to hear about agreements. The “ popular ” candidate categorically denied that she was going to make specific agreements with the PSOE, as proposed by Ángel Gabilondo, and did not comment on the possibility of agreeing with Vox.

In an interview on ‘Telecinco’, asked about the possibility of reaching an agreement with the far-right formation to govern, the current president of Madrid assured that she was only thinking of her “program and project” and “to speak with the people of Madrid”.

Ayuso excludes concluding agreements with the PSOE and prefers not to comment, for the moment, on the pacts with Vox

For his part, Rocío Monasterio considers that Ayuso will have to understand his family because it does not seem that he will reach an absolute majority. In fact, according to the latest LaSexta barometer, the “popular” would win the elections but would not get enough seats to govern alone.

The flight of votes towards the PP, coming from the extreme right and the citizens, could not be so positive for the “popular” candidate. And, according to the CIS survey published on April 5, the orange formation would disappear and Vox would be on the verge of doing so, with only 5.4% of the vote. This could mean that Ayuso, despite increased support, could lose the presidency.

Gabilondo, far from Iglesias and willing to make deals with the PP

Ángel Gabilondo declared that he was “ready to find agreements with the People’s Party”. This was expressed in statements to “Onda Cero” in which he called for “moving away from extremism”. “What the people want is that we solve the problems and not concentrate on the absurd debates of the past centuries. We must start building a government that is progressive, focused, ready to agree and free of extremism.” , he added in this regard.

What he has rejected, at least for now, is agreeing with Pablo Iglesias after the Madrid elections. And, in his own words, he wouldn’t like “there to be radical and extreme approaches.” In an interview with Al Rojo Vivo, he stressed that “with this Iglesias” he would not reach an agreement to govern.

A few words criticized by Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos. Errejón admitted Gabilondo’s words “astonished” and urged him not to veto anyone because “you have to get along with all those who are ready to have a decent and democratic government in Madrid”.

Iglesias warns PSOE that they will have to ‘accept’ if they want to rule in Madrid

Thus, the formation led by Mónica García is ready to join “with those who do not practice sectarianism”. He assured this in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo Íñigo Errejón, recalling that they had already included Ciudadanos in an agreement and that he had rejected it.

For his part, the United We Can candidate for the presidency of Madrid has warned the Socialists that the two parties will have to “accept” to govern in the region. However, throughout the pre-campaign, Pablo Iglesias has defended that he will “not have a bad word towards the progressive candidates” because it “demobilizes” the voter of the left.

Ciudadanos seems to be mired in a great crisis. Since the censure motions were promoted in Murcia and the elections were called in Madrid, the Orange party have lost several of their MPs and leaders and polls indicate that they will not get a single seat in the 4M elections.

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