Can businesses help curb climate change?

Sustainable business development: can businesses help curb climate change?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, projects to install renewable energies in the industrial sector have been interrupted and, on the contrary, opportunities remain in the private sphere. Among the main causes are uncertainty about the future of companies and the economic crisis.

During the harshest months of containment, grid connection facilities did not see much growth compared to isolated facilities, which are experiencing significant growth, driven, in large part, by the expansion of telecommuting and the commitment of citizens to live in places far from large cities.

At present, significant progress has been made in the democratization of energy and in the way in which the user interacts with his installations through home automation, zero discharge and other solutions.

The Bornay company, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, offers the best quality-price ratio on the market for renewable installations, in particular those which include small-power wind turbines of its own manufacture. In addition, Bornay distributes a wide range of high quality products to give complete coverage to renewable energy installations.

The reliability of its products is guaranteed by the different brands of inverters, regulators and batteries selected by the company, so that each installation has the equipment that best meets its energy needs.

According to Juan de Dios, CEO of Bornay: “We are in the era of technology, of the digital and virtual world. The pandemic has shown that technology brings people together and sustainability protects them ”.

The implementation of renewable energies is the way of sustainability and the consolidation of renewable energies will change the habits of people, they will become more aware of when and how to consume energy, of how to have systems of storage to recharge the electric vehicle in hours and other changes that we will see in the routines of users over the next few years.

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