Can I do the EBAU 2021 if I have symptoms of COVID-19? What should I do if I cannot take the test?

Posted: Tuesday June 08, 2021 12:05 PM

Thousands of young people from all over Spain are “facing” the assessment exams for access to university (EBAU); tests that could decisively define your future job. However, it is the circumstance that on this occasion, these examinations take place in a framework of genuine exception, since they take place with the coronavirus pandemic still very present on practically the entire national territory. So, masks have become as common as pens and pencils in this review.

Also nerves, doubts and fears, and not just because of the tests themselves. Many students feared – and still fear – catching COVID-19 before taking exams. But what if you have symptoms of coronavirus? What if you have no symptoms, but the virus does? What if you’ve been in close contact with someone infected with the coronavirus? These are questions that have been asked not only by the education sector, but also by the health sector.

The ministry has worked with a series of measures and recommendations to avoid contagion as much as possible during the current assessment period. Thus, according to a document presented by the department, people with symptoms compatible with COVID-19, those who have been diagnosed with the disease even though they do not have symptoms and who have not completed the required period home isolation ”.

Neither do people “who are in quarantine because they have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19”. In these cases, according to Health, it is necessary and necessary to stay at home and to respect the sanitary recommendations. In this sense, they have been emphasizing from Santé that “a communication channel must be provided so that candidates can alert them to this situation, and seek evaluation alternatives, so as not to call into question their options for choosing a university place ”.

What are these alternatives? It depends on the community in which the student takes the test, because the organization of the test, although it takes place throughout the country, depends on the organizing committees of each autonomy, in which there are members of the ministries of the ‘Education and Education. .the universities. Since the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (Crue), they have confirmed that the situation of applicants affected by one of the aforementioned cases would be identical to that of students who, in other years, could not take the tests for other medical reasons.

This means that, if these reasons are duly justified, the organizing committees of the test in each region will be able to grant the students concerned solutions ranging from changing the date to carry out this evaluation until it is carried out in the same way. online, without needing to be present. Another alternative, of course, is to apply for an Extraordinary Call, although there may be other options available for each region to properly and consistently address the wide range of situations that may arise among students as a result of the health crisis.

Measures to be taken into account in the EBAU

Health has also outlined in its document on sanitary measures in the evaluation test some of the recommendations that it considers necessary to warn in order to prevent as much as possible the spread of the virus; Among them, the ventilation and cleaning of areas used by teachers, students and other workers before, during and after the development of the exam, allow a classroom for isolation where people who start compatible symptoms with COVID-19 and cannot leave the compound immediately.

In this sense, they also advise making it possible to record the location of students in classrooms to facilitate epidemiological monitoring if there is a case and to have one or more people designated as COVID-19 responsible who know how to act. in case of suspected cases. or any incident. All this taking into account the need to “facilitate measures which prevent overcrowding and unnecessary displacement of people”.

For example, increasing the number of test sites, distributing the student population in a greater number of classrooms, in order to reduce the capacity of the spaces, and informing them in advance, reducing the capacity of toilets and services, limit as much as possible the coincidence in time and space of the exams in the same area of ​​the building where they take place, stagger the entrances and exits to the examination places or allow students to go to the most close to their home to reduce travel and limit contact, among other things

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