Can I go to vote in the Madrid elections on a weekday? That’s what the law says

Publication: Monday, May 3, 2021 11:23

The Tuesday May 4 election date in Madrid, a working day, is unusual in Spain, where voting traditionally takes place on Sunday. In view of this, the current regulations include a series of rights so that employees can go and vote comfortably without causing a problem in their working day.

More specifically, these laws are included in Royal Decree 605/1999 of April 16, which specifies that “with regard to salaried workers”, as well as public administrations, “specific measures will be adopted so that voters who provide their services on polling day, they can have up to four hours free during their working hours to exercise the right to vote, which will be remunerated ”.

However, this regulation refers to people who have full-time working hours. In the case of those with a partial contract, the proportional hours should be calculated in such a way as to be comparable to those of the rest of the workers.

Madrid Regulations

This legal basis changes slightly depending on the autonomous community in question. And, in the case of Madrid, the resolution of 27 November 2015 of the General Directorate of Labor, includes a series of specific hours depending on the type of working day:

In the case of workers whose working hours do not coincide with the opening of polling stations (or do so for a period of less than two hours), they will not be entitled to paid leave or more than hours and less than four hours with the opening hours of the polling stations can benefit from a paid leave of two hours Workers whose working hours coincide in four hours or more and less than six hours with the opening hours polling stations will be granted three hours paid leave. in six hours or more with the opening hours of the polling stations: they will benefit from a paid holiday of four hours. On the contrary, employees who, unlike the previous ones, carry out their work “away from their usual address or under other conditions” also have the same hours, but in this case to vote by mail.

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