Can I meet friends at home after the alarm condition ends?

Posted: Saturday May 8, 2021 5:41 PM

Faced with the imminent end of the state of alert, many autonomous communities have lifted restrictions on mobility, such as perimeter closures or curfews, but also on social gatherings. Other territories, however, have chosen to maintain their limits on groupings of people or to modify them.

Just hours before, at midnight, this legal measure breaks down, many citizens are wondering how they will now be able to find their friends at home, for example.

We review the situation of the meetings in each territory as of May 9, taking into account, in all cases, the recommendation to limit them to the maximum, to maintain a safe distance, to wear a mask at all times and to proceed. good hygiene and ventilation.

– Andalusia: with the end of the state of alarm, the Council abolishes the regulations on the number of people who can meet at home.

– Aragon: at alert level 3, a maximum of six people is established in social gatherings in the private and public sphere, although it is recommended to limit contacts to work and to the coexistence unit. At aggravated alert level 3, they are limited to four people.

– Asturias: after the end of the state of alarm, the limit of gathered people will cease to exist (until now it was six people maximum).

– Balearic Islands: restrictions on social and family gatherings are maintained, limited to six people from two coexistence centers inside and six people with no nucleus limit outside.

– Canary Islands: the Government of the Canary Islands has requested that its current restrictions be maintained, including those relating to meetings, although it is waiting for the Community’s Superior Court of Justice to ratify them.

If you approve of this measure, the meeting limitation would be as follows, depending on the alert level of each island:

a) Up to alert level 1, a maximum number of 10 people is established.

b) At alert level 2, a maximum of 6 people.

c) At alert level 3, maximum 4 people.

d) At alert level 4, maximum 2 people.

Cantabria: Meetings are limited to four people indoors in public and private spaces, this number is also recommended.

– Castilla-La Mancha: the Minister of Community Health explained this Saturday that it is recommended that home meetings be organized between cohabitants. Groups of people that can meet, in general, can be up to 10 people.

– Castilla y León: there is no limit of people in family and social gatherings.

– Catalonia: Justice maintained that social gatherings are limited to six people, with the exception of cohabitants, both in the public and private spheres. In closed spaces, including homes, it is recommended to restrict them as much as possible, to limit visits to dependent or vulnerable people and to always be part of the same bubble of coexistence.

– Community of Madrid: there is no limit to meetings in public areas, but it is recommended that they be for a maximum of six people. In homes and spaces for private use, the ban on meetings without cohabitation is removed, but it is still recommended to limit them to people belonging to the same nucleus or coexistence group.

– Valencian Community: the Superior Court of Justice of the Community has ratified the limitation of groups or meetings of a family and / or social nature to a maximum of 10 people.

– Extremadura: meetings are limited to a maximum of 10 people, with the exception of groups of cohabitants.

– Galicia: meetings of a maximum of four people in closed spaces and six people in outdoor spaces, whether for public or private use, are permitted.

– La Rioja: the regional government recommends that meetings do not exceed a maximum of six people.

– Murcia: in the case of private meetings, the number of participants increases from four to six, i.e. the same number as in public spaces, both inside establishments (previously there were 4 people) and in ‘outside.

– Navarre: in the hostels, meetings are limited to a maximum of six people from two coexistence units. The measures of the Autonomous Community are awaiting judicial ratification.

– Euskadi: the limitation of groups to four people is removed, after the justice canceled the maintenance of the restrictions requested by the Basque government.

– Ceuta: the permanence of groups of people in public spaces, both indoors and outdoors, is reduced from four to six people.

– Melilla: the autonomous city has announced its intention to seek judicial ratification to limit meetings to a maximum of six people.

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