Can machines dislodge us and take away our jobs? Discover at the coffee break

Can machines dislodge us and take away our jobs? Discover at the coffee break

Like every week, and after a few days of relaxation and disconnection, we return to Coffee Break with charged batteries to welcome the new month. This Monday, April 5, a few days after the celebration of International Labor Day, Coffee Break is broadcasting a program devoted to new trends and challenges facing the labor sectors in an increasingly digital world.

And the fact is that advancing technology is crippling many jobs, even replacing workers with machines. Is this the beginning of the end of human labor? How to guarantee the future of employment for citizens? How many jobs can be lost because of technology? We talked about all of this today as part of the fourth Coffee Break program.

The digitization of the labor market has, unsurprisingly, influenced all organizational and business departments, including human resources departments. To analyze how this digital concept has evolved and how it has been implemented within HR, we have the participation of Diego Martín, Director of HR and RRLL at HPE Iberia. With it, we know how to strike a balance between digitization and humanization of jobs, as well as the skills we need to improve so that technology is an ally and not an enemy.

After diving into the here and now, it’s time to think about and project into the future. Will there be room for machines and humans in the labor market? What will the profession of the future look like? To deepen these questions, we have the participation of Pilar Llácer, head of the research center “ Work of the future ” EAE Business School and author of the book “ They are going to fire you and you know it ”, to analyze how which employees and organizations have been adapted to this new paradigm, what methodologies have been implemented to ensure employability and many other issues.

Finally, as every week, we will analyze all the news from the world of work and we will know the opinion of our viewers through the section “ On the radar ”, announcing the question of the week and reviewing the most commented on social networks.

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