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Update: Friday June 18, 2021 6:00 p.m.

Posted: 18.06.2021 17:59

The Spanish government has already announced that on June 26, the mask will no longer be mandatory in outdoor spaces. However, if this decision has not convinced many citizens, who advocate continuing to carry it out until at least achieving group immunity – it will take place with 70% of the population vaccinated with a full schedule -, it does not completely appeal to communities. . The reason: this fact will be materialized by a royal decree which will modify the one approved in June 2020.

Therefore, it does not have to go through the Interterritorial Health Council – although the content of this law will be communicated to regional leaders – as the government also understands that this issue has already been dealt with “in depth. “in previous meetings with the Autonomous Communities. Thus, the communities take this decision, but some of them have criticized the Government for having made this announcement without having previously consulted the Interritorial.

Precisely, the debate on the removal of the mandatory nature of outdoor masks is not new, since it has been raised in the meetings of this council for weeks. However, this body, in which Health and the Spanish Autonomies meet, decided just two days ago to postpone the decision, despite the fact that that same Wednesday Sánchez himself warned that a decision would be taken in the next few days to respect it. Thus, next Thursday, June 24, an extraordinary Council of Ministers will be held to make the plan effective.

Autonomous governments such as those in Andalusia, Castile and León or Catalonia have criticized the fact that they had not been taken into account in solving the problem, although they are now waiting for this measure to be put in place. implemented to address the compliance framework in their respective jurisdictions. Catalonia, La Rioja or the Valencian Community are waiting for the details of this royal decree to be detailed before applying it. Not all spoke in those terms, as leaders such as Miguel Ángel Revilla, President of Cantabria, said it was a “good idea” given the “clues we have”.

Also from the Balearic Islands, they appreciated this decision in a positive way. “For the moment, in the Balearic Islands, there is a very good situation, one of the best in Spain and which already allows us with a certain certainty to eliminate the mask on the outside”, they underline. And from Aragon, they consider that the decision of the Executive on the compulsory nature of outdoor masks is “in line with their measures”. On the other hand, the Junta de Castilla y León regretted not having known in advance the announcement of Sánchez, because it considers that first “these things must be discussed within the Public Health Commission and secondly to the Interterritorial Council “.

From Andalusia, they also denounced that this is a measure that “has not been agreed with the autonomous communities, and they qualified:” We think that the announcements of the president of the government are very good , but I think it is good that it is being debated in the Inter-territorial Conference of Health Advisers and that the main agreements are adopted unanimously. “In Galicia, the government celebrated Sánchez’s announcement although he regrets that it has become a” political decision. “

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