“Can we not forever forget a political debate based on insults?”

The former mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmena, medal of honor of the city, invoked the need to rediscover listening, “the essence of democracy”, and to put aside in the political debate “insult and disqualification” .

Carmena, with a polka dot mask, classic print on her clothes, received recognition from the hands of her successor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, thanking the mayor, deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís, and the Corporation for the medal. “How not?” He rhetorically asked Villacís when the deputy mayor thanked the winners for collecting the medals.

It is a recognition that “a team with a different vision, ideology and party gave it” and that it is not an obstacle not to take it up. “How can we not accept something that can not be more than a gesture of meeting, of recognition, okay? Especially at this time when we live in a useless confrontation and wasted in the political debate”, raised the exedil .

The attribution of the medals of honor of the city is an “essentially institutional gesture” debated in the plenary of Cibeles although he understands that “it is logical that different realities are sometimes mixed”, the figure of the town hall and the government. Carmena was veiled in allusion to the position of Vox, who abstained in plenary due to his rejection of the medal to Carmena.

This rejection, this time directed against another winner, the former mayor Ana Botella, was expressed by the four councilors gathered around the strategy of Recupera Madrid and who call themselves “Manuelists”.

The Más Madrid municipal group, led by Rita Maestre, voted in favor of all the medals, following the position now defended by Carmena, because “pluralism is what differentiates the institution of the party”.

Caring is a “feminine gesture”

“When you give this recognition to Ana (Botella) and me, you are not doing it for governments but to strengthen in institutions what makes them permanent,” remarked Carmena, who called for “taking care of the democracy “by stressing that” Caring is a feminine gesture and it is demanded today by all parties, from the Vatican to the feminist movement, including all social theories. ”

Manuela Carmena, true to her spirit manifested throughout the previous legislature, invoked the use of the conditional to “forget forever a political debate based on insult, injustice or disqualification”. “Wouldn’t it be good to make an effort to have these recognitions every day?”

And he did it by asking for a “civil miracle” from the boss of Madrid, “simple, red hands, in sneakers”, “to have a different political debate where most of democracy reigns, listening” .

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