Canada-India flight ban update: Canada suspends flights from India until August 21 due to Covid 19

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Canada suspends direct flights from India until August 21
Indians living in Canada suffered a major setback. Canada has suspended flights from India until August 21. Canada is said to have made this decision given the threat of the corona virus. Canada has called on its citizens to avoid travel outside the country due to the Corona threat until further notice.

It was said in the official notice that people traveling to Canada from India via a third country will have to undergo a molecular test for the corona virus in a third country. He will only be allowed to enter Canada if he is negative. If people who have traveled before have been caught by the corona virus, then they will need to be tested 14 to 90 days before their trip. This too will have to be done in a third country.

Previously, Canada had banned direct flights from India and Pakistan to prevent the spread of the new form of Kovid-19. Now he continues to increase it. Cargo planes were allowed to carry essential goods such as vaccines and personal protective equipment. According to a notice to airmen, “The Minister of Transport is of the opinion that this is necessary for aviation security and for the safety of persons.”

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