Canada school graves: Canada 751 unmarked graves found at boarding school: Canada 751 graves found at boarding school

The discovery of over 751 residential school graves in Canada caused a stir. It is feared that these people were killed and buried on the school premises. It is not yet known how many children’s graves and the graves of the elderly are there. These graves were narrated by groups of Indigenous Canadian leaders.

Corpses found in closed school premises
Executives said investigators found more than 751 graves at a former children’s boarding school in their community. Early last month, reports said 215 bodies were found at another school. These bodies were found at the Marival Indian Residential School, which operated from 1899 to 1997. The school is located in the Cowkes First Nation, 135 kilometers from Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. The Cowes are an Aboriginal community in Canada.

The number of corpses may be more
Cadmus Delorme, the head of the caucuses, said underground object detection radar showed at least 751 bodies were buried in the area. Radar operators said there could be a 10 percent difference in its results. “We want to make sure that when we tell you the whole story, don’t try to show more numbers than the actual numbers,” Delorme said. I would like to say that there will probably be more than 751 corpses.

This school was run by the Roman Catholic Church
He said the research was ongoing and the numbers would be confirmed in the coming weeks. Delorme said at one point names were written on the graves, but the Roman Catholic Church, which runs the school, removed them. Saskatchewan Chief Scott Moye said the entire province was heartbroken over the discovery of the graves. Don Boleyn, the Archbishop of Regina, said two years ago that he had apologized to the people of the Caucasus for the failures and sins of former church leaders.

Prime Minister Trudeau expressed his sorrow
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter that he was deeply saddened by this latest news. “My heart goes out to Cousins ​​First Nation after learning about the burial of children from the aboriginal community at the former residential school in Marival,” he said.

80 year old student in this school told the truth
Florence Sparvier, 80, said she attended Marival Indian Residential School. He said that the nun’s attitude was very selfish towards us. We had to learn to be Roman Catholics. The nuns at the school were very critical of our people and the pain is visible even after generations.

Corpses were also found at another school last month
Last month, the bodies of 215 children were found buried on a decades-old school campus in Canada. These included the remains of the bodies of children up to three years old. These children were students at Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, which closed in 1978. Pope Francis expressed sorrow after the discovery of these bodies and urged religious and political authorities to inquire into the incident. tragic.

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