Canadian Parliament MP Naked: Canadian Lawmaker Caught Naked in Virtual Parliament Meeting: Canadian Lawmakers Seen Naked During Digital Deliberations in Canadian Parliament

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Opposition parties surrounded the government during online debates in the Canadian Parliament, MPs said: MP accidentally turned on the camera. Even before Parliament online, such incidents occurred in different countries.
The Parliament of Canada, which tours the world on human rights, is ashamed of the wrongdoing of one of its members. In fact, during the digital House of Commons meeting due to Corona infection, a member of Parliament suddenly came on camera without clothes. Seeing this act of his fellow deputy, all members present at the meeting sobbed harshly.

MP seen naked on camera, hidden private part of mobile
The MP, who appeared naked during deliberations in the Canadian Parliament, has been identified as William Amos, representing the district of Pontiac in Quebec since 2015. According to the screenshot which goes viral, Amos is seen standing behind a desk and the private parts are covered with a mobile. It is not yet known whether he deliberately inadvertently made such a mistake.

MP inadvertently said a mistake
After the news got to the media and insulted him, Amos said in an email that it was an unfortunate mistake. After I got back from jogging, I was changing my clothes to wear in the workplace when my video accidentally continued. I sincerely apologize to my colleagues in the House of Commons for this inadvertent mistake. It was certainly an accidental mistake and it will not happen again.

Women ministers giving speeches in Russia, deputy’s disgusting act, Parliament embarrassed
Opposition parties surround the government
Opposition Bloc Québécois MP Claude Bellefolii raised the incident after Question Time and suggested that male MPs should wear pants, underwear, shirt and jacket and a tie, in accordance with parliamentary decorum. This was also supported by the rest of the members. The Canadian Parliament has not yet indicated any action against this MP.

Argentinian MP kisses his girlfriend’s private part in live parliamentary session and resigns
Such incidents have already happened
In September last year, an Argentinian MP was seen kissing his girlfriend’s private port during an online parliamentary debate. The incident was broadcast live on the big screen of Parliament set up for virtual debates during the outbreak with the government’s YouTube channel.

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