Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office abstains from Chinese genocide against Uyghur Muslim vote: Canadian ‘pro-farmer’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clashes with China, voting against Uygars

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has advised unsolicited advice on the issue of farmers in India, has stopped speaking in front of China. Canada’s lower house, the House of Commons, has voted to find China guilty of the genocide of more than one million Uigar Muslims in western Xinjiang province, but the Canadian prime minister and members of his cabinet are not Venus.

In support of the motion presented to the lower house on Monday, 266 votes were cast and not a single vote was cast against, but Trudeau and his cabinet did not participate in the vote. The proposal calls on the International Olympic Committee to withdraw the 2022 Winter Olympics from Beijing. A senior government official said Canada’s foreign minister would explain the government’s position on the issue.
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More seats for opposition parties in the lower house
The official said declaring something in parliament would not produce enough results in China and there was a need to work with international partners and partners. The main opposition parties have welcomed the proposal. Opposition parties have more seats in the lower house. The Trudeau cabinet has 37 “Liberal” MPs who join him. Trudeau’s Liberal Party has 154 deputies in the lower house.

Opposition Conservative Party leader Erin O’Tulay said it was necessary to send a message to the Chinese regime. The vote is a recent attempt to hold China accountable for atrocities committed against Uighur Muslims and other minorities. However, China has denied these claims. He stressed that these measures had been taken against the fight against terrorism and against the separatist movement.

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