Canadian Prime Minister on Indian protests: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports Indian farmers

Farmers are on the streets in India protesting against agricultural laws. The whole world is also watching these protests taking place in the country’s capital, New Delhi. Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has expressed his support for farmers. Explain that to break the deadlock with the farmers, the government called the farmers’ organizations to a meeting in Vigyan Bhawan on Tuesday at 3 p.m.

What did Trudeau say?
Trudeau had sent good wishes to the Canadian people, especially the Sikhs, on the occasion of Gurupurab. In this video, he also mentioned the peasant movement. He said the situation was very worrying. Trudeau said: “We are concerned for family and friends. We know this is the truth for many people. Expressing support for the movement, Trudeau continued: “Canada will always defend the right to peaceful demonstrations. We believe in conversation. We have expressed our concerns to the Indian administration. It’s time for everyone to come together.

Appeals from Minister Trudeau
Prior to Trudeau, Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Singh wrote on Twitter: “It is disturbing to be cruel at peaceful protests in India. Many people in my area have families there and care about their people. Healthy democracies allow peaceful protests. I call for the protection of this fundamental right ”.

The Indian government had called the farmers’ organizations for a meeting in Vigyan Bhawan on Tuesday afternoon, but before that, Punjab Kisan Sangharsh Samiti had indicated not to attend the meeting. The committee says that all farmers’ organizations should be called to this meeting.

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