Canadian Prime Minister on Indian protests: Justin Trudeau on Indian agricultural protests: Indian peasant movement Justin Trudo

The Indian mission in Canada has requested additional security. This request was made following demonstrations in front of the Indian High Commission for the Khalistani and Pakistani elements. Protests are taking place outside the Indian High Commission in Ottawa, Canada, with opposition to agricultural laws in India. It scared the minds of people living on campus.

Trudeau had supported the farmers
The issue was also raised before Canada’s Ambassador to India Nadir Patel. Patel was summoned by the Foreign Office following a statement by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Indeed, Trudeau supported the farmers’ protests. The Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement saying, “These statements encouraged radical activities outside the Indian High Commission and the Consulate which have raised security concerns.”

The United Nations also provided support
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutarais also said of the farmers’ protest in India now that people have the right to organize peaceful protests and the authorities should let them. Let us know that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also supported farmers, after which India called comments from foreign leaders “misleading” and “non-essential.” India says it is a matter related to the internal affairs of a democratic country.

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