Canary Islands are already abandoning Easter and hoping to recover tourism in summer

Updated: Sunday, February 21, 2021 2:17 PM

Published on: 02/21/2021 13:55

Five weeks before Easter, the Canarian government already considers that the holidays are lost. Ángel Víctor Torres, President of the Canary Islands, expressed in an interview with “El Mundo” his concern about “the strains and the supply of vaccines” and anticipated that the coming months will be “difficult”.

Regarding the resumption of tourism, he estimates that it will be in summer, especially in August. “If everything goes as planned and there are no surprises, from the second half of the year the economy must wake up. Our peak season begins after August, it is essential that we have the pandemic under control there. “, he said, adding that he has” no doubt that tourism will recover and that there will be a boom “.

Ángel Víctor Torres underlined the importance of advancing vaccination “in the rest of Spain” so that they can reach the summer “with open beaches and a reactivation of the hotel sector”. “It is possible to achieve it”, he assured, while insisting on the fact that “it takes a few more months to control the pandemic”.

In this sense, the President of the Canary Islands has defended that “it is necessary to arbitrate mechanisms so that those who are vaccinated can travel. “We have to agree globally so as not to waste time. That there is mobility to take advantage of tourism is key,” Torres said.

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