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The important French President Emmanuel Macron considered the question of his candidacy for 2022 premature and warned on Thursday that he would have to make “difficult decisions” in order to get out of the Covid crisis, while urging the French not to “have a catastrophic vision” of the situation in their country.

“I can’t manage the summer on a gentle slope,” said the head of state on a trip to southwest France, the first stage of a “Tour de France”.

When asked about his possible candidacy for a second term next year, he replied: “It is too early to say” and reiterated his determination to “do things to the end”.

“I will have to make decisions, some about resuscitation, some difficult,” for the final year of the quinquennium to be “a useful year,” the president added.

He examined all the major current affairs – from youth to ecology to vaccination – by answering questions from thirty retirees gathered in the community hall of a small tourist village of 1,700 residents.
“We have to measure the pulse of the country, even if we are not in the election campaign,” the president justified the criticism of some opponents who accused him of having entered “in electoral mode” with the approaching regional elections in June 20 and 27 and less than a year after the presidential election.

“He’s in the country. The only difference between him and me is that I’m in the country when it comes to election reports, he is not,” denounced Marine Le Pen, head of the far right and declared a candidate for the presidency who qualified for the second round of the last presidential election in 2017.

“I was told ‘the president of the rich’ I don’t care”

For Emmanuel Macron, the beginning of the period is crucial so that France does not belong to the “countries that will emerge from the crisis by withdrawing”.

In a proactive tone, he urged young people in particular to “be collectively vigilant not to have catastrophic visions”. Because “the morale of a country also plays with the way of seeing things”.

Emmanuel Macron did not reveal what measures he wants to take at the end of this “Tour de France”. During a relaunch of the pension reform, which has been suspended since March 2020, he said he wanted to “see what we are ready to do together”.

But since France “is already one of the countries where people work the least” compared to its neighbors, “at some point the question of” how to finance pensions “will be put to the nation,” he warned.

He also defended his decision not to levy taxes on the richest. “Can we hit the big (taxpayer) ideas massively that we love? We can do it, but the big ones go!” He said. “I was told ‘the president of the rich’ I don’t care.”

Coming back to his “first rope team” formula, which was controversial at the end of 2017, Emmanuel Macron still considered it “relevant” because if “we all have to be on the same level, no one will ever climb the cliff”. At that time he praised the achievements of the “successful” and invited them to stand up for the nation.

“You need a lot of people who are at the best world level” and “I’m happy to have (footballer Kylian) Mbappé”.

In the debate, he also spoke out in favor of a “more ambitious integration policy (of migrants)”, against compulsory vaccination against Covid and in favor of a relaxation of the non-accumulation of mandates for elected officials.

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