Candidates start campaign towards Madrid with taxes as protagonists

Publication: Monday April 19, 2021 12:44

Reduce, increase or maintain taxes. It has become one of the main themes of the candidates for the elections of the Community of Madrid. The candidates started the campaign – and they already did in the pre-campaign – defending the fiscal measures they would implement in the region should the presidency be taken over.

Socialist candidate Ángel Gabilondo has pledged to stay halfway. He neither opts for fiscal regulation for the great fortunes defended by Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos, nor does he want to lower taxes, like Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Rocío Monasterio.

The PSOE ensures that it will not touch taxes and will maintain “taxation” because, he said, “we are at an exceptional moment” because of the pandemic and the economic crisis it causes. According to him, “it is compatible not to touch taxes for two years and to make reforms and investments to attract European funds”.

They do not think the same of United We Can, which has proposed to remove the current 100% wealth tax bonus for large fortunes and the bonus for inheritance and donations exceeding one million euros.

Iglesias accuses Gabilondo of wanting to ‘do the same’ as the right and urges him to support tax hikes

And it is that Pablo Iglesias defends that the articles of the inheritance and donation tax currently in force in the Community “benefit once again those who have the most, to a much greater extent”. As he argues, this makes the region “an internal tax haven for millionaires,” in addition to causing a “very significant” drop in government revenues to support the welfare state.

Thus, the leader of the purple formation accused Gabilondo of wanting to “do the same thing” as the right and urged him to stand against “tax privileges”. For Iglesias, the tax increase is a red line that should be respected to support an executive in Madrid. But the socialist candidate believes that “we will have to think about it a little” because he does not want “extremism”.

Less energetic but in the same line as Podemos demonstrated from Más Madrid. Mónica García affirmed in Ana Pastor’s Objective that “it is undeniable that Madrid has an indisputable budget deficit” and for her party “it is important that there is social justice”. “Those who have more, have more to contribute,” he said in this regard.

Ayuso defends Madrid’s “fiscal autonomy” and bets on inheritance tax bonuses

However, the candidate indicated in the laSexta program that “that does not mean” that they will “increase the taxes they charge, for example, 15,000 euros”. “We are talking about the 0.6% of Madrilenians who have it the most, to whom the Community of Madrid gives them tax gifts, what we call ‘Sponsor a millionaire’ in Madrid,” he added.

The current president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has defended throughout the pre-campaign that she will lower taxes and continue to “defend fiscal autonomy” in the region. The People’s Party candidate proposed to extend the gift and inheritance tax premiums as follows: from 15% to 25% between siblings and from 10% to 20% between uncles and nephews. This, he said, will have an impact of 11,000 beneficiaries and 30 million euros per year.

Regarding tax policy, Vox is also betting on “the tax cut” because it considers that this “helps to create wealth and jobs”. The far-right party continues to defend the half-point reduction in all sections of the personal income tax, which it demanded of the regional executive before the elections.

Likewise, Rocío Monasterio considers as “an attack on Madrid” the increase in the tax on companies, patrimony and inheritance and donations.

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