Candidates try to give polls final push in final campaign ‘sprint’

Publication: Friday April 30, 2021 9:17 PM

The candidates for the presidency of the Community of Madrid are rushing an atypical electoral campaign which, for the first time, ends on Sunday, May 2, coinciding with the feast of the Community.

In the past few days, the candidates have donned their finest costumes to demand the vote. Thus, it was possible to see Díaz Ayuso dressed as a biker in an election video broadcast on their social networks, and the More Madrid posters of the Gran Vía use the costume match between Mónica García and the “ popular ” in the debate to ironize their differences.

“In the face of insulting people who are in the queues of hunger, we offer care, in the face of mismanagement, we offer empathy”, explained the candidate of More Madrid to the media 72 hours only after the campaign closes.

A campaign marked by polarization in which the attacks continue. The last was Díaz Ayuso’s to Pablo Iglesias in Public Mirror, where he insisted that the United We Can candidate is “evil” and does not consider him a “good person”. Insults which, for Iglesias, indicate that they are about to leave Puerta del Sol.

Gabilondo, for his part, hopes that the left will join on May 5, while his formation forces the Electoral Council to monitor the institutional act that will take place on May 2 with the president so far, Díaz Ayuso, so that to do so of “popular” an act of campaign.

The leader of Ciudadanos insists on political centrality and asks his voters “to return to the spirit of harmony, of coexistence”, after having mentioned Ciudadanos as the option of leaving Vox out of a possible government in the Community from Madrid. However, far-right candidate Rocío Monasterio still does not say whether she will demand Ayuso enter government if the two parties manage to join a coalition executive.

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